Early Black Friday Deals: Best Gadgets For Travelling

It is the holiday season again. If you are travelling, or planning to travel, don’t forget to bring these gadgets along.

1. The Bluetooth Audio Beanie

What is better than to warm your head with a beanie in the winter and listen to your favorite music at the same time? The Bluetooth Audio Beanie comes with a bluetooth player embedded in the beanie and can connect to your phone for you to listen to music as well as making calls.


The best thing is, it comes with a removable speaker so it can be easily washed between wearing.

The Bluetooth Audio Beanie

2. The Smart Travel Router: A Globally Compatible Router + Charger

While travelling, it can be difficult to find a place with a stable WiFi connection. With the Smart Travel Router, you can now create your own WiFi network and charge your devices at the same time.


As a router, it can perform in:

  • Router mode – it functions as a typical router, connecting to the Internet provided by your ISP and broadcasting a wireless signal.
  • Repeater mode – This mode allows you to connect to you existing network and amplify it. This enables you to extend the range of your wireless network.
  • Access point – This configuration allows you to create a wireless connection from a wired source. If an Ethernet port or Ethernet cable is available, the router can connect to the wired connection and broadcast a wireless network.
  • Client -This mode allows you to connect a device such as a Smart TV or video game console via an Ethernet cable. The Smart Travel Router can then be used as a wireless adapter, enabling the connected device to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

The charging unit fits electrical outlets in over 150 countries and is capable of charging two devices simultaneously via a USB port as well as an AC output.

The Smart Travel Router: A Globally Compatible Router + Charger

3. LithiumCard AIR: The Wallet-Sized HyperCharging Power Bank

The worst thing that can happen to you while you’re travelling is to run out of battery juice for your smartphone. This is where LithiumCard AIR comes in handy. LithiumCard AIR is a credit card size power bank that you can carry in your wallet and charge your phone when it runs out of juice.


Its 1200mAh capacity won’t be able to charge your phone battery fully, but it will give your phone enough battery juice to last till your next destination. And with 2 amps of charging power, it can easily charge up 15% in 15 minutes.

LithiumCard AIR comes with a micro-USB cable and iOS compatible lightning cable.

LithiumCard AIR

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  1. I‘d also recommend this HooToo portable wireless router with power bank: http://www.amazon.com/HooToo®-TripMate-6000mAh-Wireless-Portable/dp/B00DTPYRTI

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