4 of the Best Fitness Trackers for 2019

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Featured

If you’re an active person, a fitness tracker is a great way of monitoring your health and activity with little or no effort. Unlike smartwatches, fitness trackers are more singularly focused and will help you move more, understand your fitness, improve overall health, and sleep better, too.

It’s a lot easier now to track vital stats like calories, step count, and quality of sleep, thanks to such wearable technology. Some have built-in tools that allow you to keep tabs on your heart rate, workouts, stress levels, and more while spotting irregularities you can share with your doctor.

With the slew of options available on the fitness band market today, it can be difficult trying to find the right activity tracker. We’ve rounded up some of the best fitness trackers available so you can pick the right one for your lifestyle and wallet.

1. Letscom

This fitness tracker helps you stay on top of your health goals without breaking the bank.

It’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers, not just because of its budget price, but it also allows you to track your steps, heart rate, sleep, and calories.

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Letscom

If you don’t want to carry your phone along with you to the gym or while you exercise, pair Letscom with your phone and display your calls, emails, and text messages. It also displays the date and time, so you get the benefits of a smartwatch minus the expensive price tag.

You really don’t need to spend much on brand-name products to get the quality and functionality you want. This inexpensive, under-$50 model offers the most features you’ll find in the pricier models, like sleep and heart-rate monitoring, plus activity tracking functionality for biking, running, hiking, and other activity.

It’s a nice-looking, well-made tracker to start with if you’re not sure whether you need one. It’s also easy to set up with lots of great functionality, and you can plug it into any USB block or your computer and not need an extra cable for it.

2. Fitbit Charge 3

Known as the “king of fitness tracking,” Fitbit is a powerful brand of smart fitness and activity trackers that are designed to help you build healthier habits and get you on the right path.

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Fitbit Charge3

Fitbit Charge 3 is a little $149 device, but it does quite a lot from gauging and recording your activity, to measuring the density of your sleep. It can also monitor your food intake, providing personalized tips based on your health goals and trends.

The tracker ensures you stay active, as it provides you a choice of more than fifteen exercise modes from biking, circuit training, and yoga. What’s more, you get call notifications and even email or text while you work out, so you don’t miss out on anything happening in your world.

It is compact, unobtrusive, and features a larger screen than its predecessors, so you can easily view and swipe through your notifications, stats, and settings. You also get to navigate Fitbit apps like weather, breathing exercises, and timers and alarms.

The Charge 3 is also more water resistant,and has seven days of battery life, a 24/7 heart rate monitor, accelerometer, SpO2 sensor to track blood oxygen levels, and a new goal-setting feature.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

If you’re willing to spend on brand-name products, the brand new Apple Watch Series 4 is an excellent choice.

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Apple Watch Series 4

This $349 powerhouse fitness tracker boasts an arsenal of innovatory features such as heart-rate monitoring with medical-grade accuracy and EKG sensors for fall detection.

Other upgrades like a larger screen with a sleek display, interactive faces, 18-hour battery life, and superior features for your workout ensure you get a category-leading smartwatch experience compared to the competition.

If you have an iPhone and forgot it at home, you need not worry. The Apple Watch Series 4 (LTE cellular version) allows you to make and answer calls, get notifications, ask Siri questions, and even stream music from Apple Music.

It has pretty much all you need, plus you can wear it on hikes, runs, cycles, and even indoor or outdoor swims.

Unlike its predecessor, the Series 4 has three activity rings – exercise, move and stand, showing your activity throughout the day. It even prompts you to get off the sofa and rewards you each time you get a new personal best, close the rings, or achieve a milestone.

A unique thing about the Apple Watch Series 4 is it can also record activity in a wheelchair accurately. However, if you’re walking, detection kicks off after fifteen minutes of activity, so you might miss out on a lot of steps before it can give you an accurate report.

4. Garmin Vivoactive HR

This is another pricey fitness tracker but for the right reasons.

Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Garmin Vivoactive Hr

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is a hybrid device that combines smartwatch functionality with advanced activity-tracking features. You can get notifications from your phone, information about your heart rate, calories, steps, and other vital stats on its color touchscreen.

With the Move IQ feature, you can view your active minutes as it detects all activity, like running, biking, swimming, and walking, automatically. A built-in GPS lets you map your activity as you work out, without skimping on battery, which can last for several days.

For $208, this Garmin activity band may not be everyone’s right fit budget-wise. However, it has so much to offer, including apps tailored to a variety of activities, so if you want a tracker you can maximize on every feature, this one’s an overachiever.

Final Thoughts

Fitness trackers are available in lots of styles, colors, and different budgets, whether under $50 like Letscom or a pricier option like the Apple Watch Series. Finding the right fitness tracker depends on your needs and what you hope to track. Most of them have pretty similar features with slight differences and upgrades based on brand.

Do you have a favorite fitness tracker? Tell us what you like about it in a comment below.

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