5 of the Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone

With the latest technology inventions, people are being careless about their health and are only focusing their mind and body on the latest gadgets that hit the market. As there is a saying – “Health is Wealth” – you should not just be focusing on devices and should spend some time doing exercises and keeping yourself healthy. Nowadays the gadgets that you use in your daily life have apps you can use to keep track of your health. The most interesting thing is these apps just work flawlessly even on your smartphones. If you are a health-conscious person and are looking for some fitness apps for an Android device, the guide below should be helpful to you.


RunKeeper is a fitness app that has been downloaded by more than 25 million people all over the world. It goes without saying that it is one of the most trusted and useful apps to have on your device. The app provides you with detailed reports of your activities, including distance you walked and time and the calories that you just burned. If both of your hands are occupied, you can use the built-in audio clues to get the information.

The app utilizes the sensors to find out your heart rate, so you can know what you should not be eating. The app features some other functions as well that are really worth a shot. Go ahead and get it installed on your device and check them out for yourself.


Moves for Android says to just keep your device in your pocket and it should take care of the rest of the things to keep you healthy. Whether you are driving to downtown or having your morning walk, the app will be tracking it so you can know what exactly you are doing and what you need to improve upon. With the Storyline mode, you get to see a simple report of your exercises in an easy to read mode.

The Pedometer in the app counts how many steps you have walked. It is a great feature indeed, as you can have a competition with your friends for who can walk the highest number of steps in a day.


Nike is famous for its fitness products and this Nike+ Running app is just one of the additions to the products list that have been made by the company. The app makes use of the sensors located on your device to collect information about what you are doing and has audio clues to tell you your reports without having you look at your device’s screen.

It comes with a widget that you can place on your homescreen for quick access to the app. It is worth giving this app a shot.


You guessed it right. The app tells you to lose it (weight) and become healthy. Lose It! for Android offers the fitness tools you need to keep records of your daily activities. It even suggests what you could do to improve your health and live a better life. The app lets you set goals for your activities. Once those goals are met, your confidence will hit the roof.


Have you ever wanted to hire a weight loss coach but just could not afford one because of some financial restrictions? No problem. There is an app for you. Noom Weight Loss Coach for Android works the same way as a coach does and looks after your activities that you do in your daily life. It includes a fitness tracker, diet tracker and everything else you would ever need to get rid of your weight. The app has a reminder that reminds you about the things you should be doing. No pressure, right?

It really is important to be conscious about your health before it is too late, and these apps will definitely help you with your daily activities and help you keep track of your health. Have a healthy life!