7 Best Firefox Extensions You Need to Use in 2021

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Ever since Firefox got its huge “Quantum” update back in 2018, Mozilla’s popular browser has been on a resurgence. It’s faster than ever, and the back-end overhaul meant that extension developers had to redesign their apps to work with Firefox Quantum. Now that the dust has settled, there are tons of smoothly functioning Firefox extensions for you in 2021. Here are our picks for the best Firefox extensions you can use.

1. Enhancer for YouTube

Best Firefox Extensions Enhancer For Youtube

There are plenty of extensions that let you refine your YouTube experience – from ratings checkers to ad blockers. But Enhancer for YouTube piles many of the smaller tweaks into one. It’s an all-in-one extension that lets you change default playback resolutions, remove annotations, pin the video player, whitelist certain channels from ad-blocking and more.

2. Image Search Options

Best Firefox Extensions Image Search Options

One of the better long-running features of Chrome is the reverse image search, which lets you right-click an image, then instantly search for similar images in Google. Image Search Options does much the same thing, giving a context menu option to search for that image.

It arguably offers a little more than Chrome’s integrated option, as it lets you do the reverse image search across a wide variety of search engines.

3. Dark Reader

Best Firefox Extensions Dark Reader

Firefox has limited accommodations for those who want to use a dark mode. Yes, there’s a dark theme in the customization menu, but this only affects the window frame and not the content you’re actually interacting with. Dark Reader changes that, inverting every color in the browser to be dark and easy on the eyes at night.

4. Undo Close Tab

Best Firefox Extensions Undo Close Tab

Do you ever have too many tabs open at once, then in a freakout close a bunch of them, only to find that you closed the tab you actually want to use? Enter Undo Close Tab, a simple extension that restores your most recently closed tab with a single click. Not only that, but by right-clicking the extension’s icon, you can access 25 of your most recently closed tabs.

5. History AutoDelete

Best Firefox Extensions History Autodelete

We’re not going to pry on the details, but you probably have plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want people to know your web browsing history. You can do this through Firefox anyway, of course, but with History AutoDelete you gain a lot more control over the process. Using this extension, you can point to specific websites and URLs whose histories you don’t want saved.

6. uBlock Origin

Best Firefox Extensions Ublock Origin

Probably the biggest-name extension on this list, uBlock Origin has long been a favorite among those who don’t want to be bombarded with ads on every site they visit (which is pretty much everyone, right?).

It’s popular with good reason, blocking all ads by default, and letting you whitelist sites you want to support with a couple of clicks. If you want to dig deeper, it has a lot of filters, rules and other settings you can fine-tune too.

7. Video DownloadHelper

Best Firefox Extensions Video Downloadhelper

Whether you’re on YouTube or the more high-brow platform of Vimeo, there are probably several times every single day when you want to download a video. Video DownloadHelper is a humble extension that lets you do that with a couple of clicks. Just go to the video you want, click the icon, and you’ll have a whole bunch of resolutions and codecs (mp4, webm, 3gpp) that you can download it in. You can download videos as audio files too!


That’s our roundup of the best Firefox extensions you can get in 2021. We’ll update the list as and when more extensions come out, and in the meantime, let us know if you have any favorites that you think should make the cut.

Robert Zak
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