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Firefox is one of the best browsers you can use. It’s fast, privacy-focused, and comes with a myriad of customization options to help personalize your browsing experience. Android users can also enjoy all the benefits of this browser, thanks to its nifty mobile version.

Just like its desktop variant, Firefox’s Android iteration also supports plenty of extensions (or add-ons as Mozilla calls them). While not all desktop add-ons will work on mobile, most of the popular ones will. Check out our list of the seven best add-ons for Firefox for Android.

1. Tap Translate

When you browse the Web using Google Chrome and open a page that isn’t in your preferred language, Chrome will pop up a translation request, and if you tap on the “Translate” button, Chrome will translate the entire page using Google Translate.

Tap Translate Add On For Firefox

The Tap Translate add-on for Firefox works the same way as Google Translate. With it installed, whenever you select texts that are not in your preferred language, you’ll see a ‘Translate’ button. When you tap on this button, Firefox will translate the texts to your preferred language.

2. Dark Reader

Google Chrome browser for Android recently received a dark mode update that allows users to stare at their phones a little more comfortably and read well at night. While Firefox doesn’t have a built-in dark mode feature, you can access a similar feature by downloading the Dark Reader add-on.

Dark Reader Addon For Firefox

The name clearly indicates what the feature does. It turns web pages dark, which makes it easier for users to read the contents of a page at night or in a dark environment. This add-on doesn’t alter the image colors – it only inverts the colors of the webpage – so you’ll still get the actual image with accurate colors.

3. Adblock Plus

You have probably used Adblock or its variants to block those annoying ads on your desktop. (I use it all the time.) Firefox’s Adblock Plus add-on for Android works in a similar fashion to its desktop variant.

Adblock Plus Addon For Firefox

With this add-on installed, you’ll be able to block all ads on the pages you visit. (And while you’re at it, consider adding “maketecheasier.com” to the whitelist.) This add-on blocks all ads, including those annoying video ads on YouTube and Facebook banners.

4. Video Background Play Fix

For those of us who love playing music in the background while working, the Video Background Play Fix can be a great add-on to have.

Video Background Play Fix Add On For Firefox

Once installed, you’ll be able to play any YouTube video in the background. All you have to do is start playing the video and exit the YouTube app. The audio will play in the background, and you’ll be able to see a notification bar where you can control playback.

5. I Don’t Care About Cookies

On 4th May 2016, a sweeping piece of EU law called GDPR was introduced. This law requires websites to get explicit consent from you to collect your data. Since cookies can identify your device and collect your data, the law requires the companies responsible to ask for permission before installing cookies.

Cookies Firefox Addon For Android

Websites that don’t ask for permission risk huge fines under various laws. This explains why nearly every website you visit will pop up a cookie consent request — which can be very frustrating at times. But if you don’t want to see these messages, you can install the “I Don’t Care About Cookies” add-on for Firefox. This add-on automatically removes those annoying cookie pop-ups from almost all websites.

6. Ghostery

Ghostery Add On For Firefox Android

If you’re concerned about your online privacy, Ghostery can give you peace of mind. This Firefox add-on for Android will tell you every script that is tracking you on a webpage. This add-on also enhances your online security since it comes enabled to block any detected malicious script, thereby keeping your sensitive data safeguarded from those trackers with evil intent.

7. Undo Closed Tabs

Just as its name suggests, this Firefox add-on for Android lets you undo a tab you might have accidentally closed. In short, it reopens the recently closed tabs in Firefox. This add-on can prove very useful, especially if you perform a lot of tasks on mobile.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a fast and highly secure browser for Android, Firefox is your best bet. Coupled with a rich add-on repository, Firefox makes a strong case for being the best browser of the year.

While Google Chrome is a top competitor owing to its speed, convenience and a wealth of features, including Chromecast support, its mobile version lacks support for add-ons, which means you can’t customize your browsing experience as you would with Firefox.

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