4 of the Best Farming Games You Can Play in 2021

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Real-life farming has always had a romantic ring to it, but the reality of farming is a lot less fun. As such, if you have the urge to plant crops and raise animals, you’re better off playing a farming game than building a pigpen!

Here are four of the best farming games to scratch that agricultural itch.

1. My Time at Portia

Platforms: Windows, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch

With its dreamy pastel color palette and wholesome art style, My Time at Portia is one of the best farming games to have emerged in recent years. In a pastoral post-apocalyptic world, you return to your hometown to take over your grandpa’s business and help it thrive again.

Best Farming Games My Time At Portia

Much of this revolves around farming, resource collection, and setting up your homestead to become almost self-sufficient. You craft better equipment, and complete side-quests for the townsfolk to improve your standing with them, and even date the locals.

Breaking up the lolling pace of the game are dungeons that you can descend into to fight monsters and gain extra rewards – an unusual and welcome twist for a farming game!

2. Stardew Valley

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, Android, iOS

A sleeper hit that has since spread its wings on pretty much every conceivable gaming platform, Stardew Valley was released in order to fill a specific niche. It takes heavy inspiration from the legendary Harvest Moon games, which focused on farming and interacting with townsfolk.

Farming Games Stardew

Stardew Valley maintains this balance while also providing its own spin on the farming genre. You’re tasked with bringing a derelict farm back up to its former glory with seasonal crops, livestock, and by keeping birds from your plots. The nearby village is filled with memorable characters, some of which you can even date!

Best of all, Stardew Valley can be played online on PC and Switch, with multiplayer being added to other consoles in the future. This lets you add up to three others to take tools in hand to plant crops and make money.

3. Farmville 2

Platforms: Android, iOS

If you were a fan of the Facebook superstar called Farmville, you’ll be pleased that Farmville 2 made its debut in the mobile world.

Farming Games Farmville

Farmville 2 maintains its social background by allowing you to play by yourself or with friends. You can even trade among the people you know to optimize your farm. There’s plenty to farm and garden in this game, and there are even other Farmville-related games on the app store!

4. Farming Simulator 2019

Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Maybe you’re not so keen on cartoon-y, whimsical farming experiences. Perhaps you want something a little more realistic. If this is you, then you can’t get more realistic than Farming Simulator 2019.

Farming Games Simulator

Farming Simulator does what its name claims it does. It takes the actual farming process and turns it into a game for farming enthusiasts to play. You can drive tractors, woodchippers, and even ride horses as you try to make a profit from your booming farm.

Farming Simulator is also multiplayer-friendly. You can fit 16 farmers into one server and work together to speed up the farming process. As such, this is definitely the game of choice if you’re looking for a more realistic farming experience you can share with friends.

If you’re looking for a farming game to play, there’s a good selection in store for you. Whether you want a social phone game or a semi-realistic simulator, there’s something for you.

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