5 of the Best Email Clients for Mac

Although all the email services available let you access your emails via a web based interface, it is a good idea to have an app that can manage all this for you. I’m talking about the email clients for Mac that you can use to access all of your email service provider’s features. These apps come preloaded with a bunch of features besides emailing, and I’m pretty much sure you would love to hear about them. Here you go:

1. Apple Mail

best email clients for mac - applemail

Apple’s built-in email client – Apple Mail consists of a number of features you can leverage to get the most out of your emails. It just works out of the box, and once you have launched it on your machine, it becomes easier to set it up to work with your current email provider. Each new email that arrives in your inbox gets displayed in the notification bar, thus you can just take a sneak peek at what you just received. If you maintain more than one email address, you will be glad to know that the app does support multiple mailboxes. You can have all of your email accounts integrated with a single app that will help handle all of your emails, whether they are personal or professional emails.

2. Airmail

best email clients for mac - airmail

Unless you have been living under the rock, you know that there is a cool email client for Mac called Airmail. As the developer says, the app is a lightning fast way to access your emails and organize them the way you want. It supports a number of email accounts you can integrate with the app, namely Google Apps and Exchange. Sending attachments has become much easier with the app, as it lets you drag and drop your files to an email for it to be attached to that particular email. In case your files are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox, the app has an attachment option for them as well.

There is a lot to explore in the app, and the best way to do so is to get the app for yourself. Go ahead and hit up the App Store to grab this awesome email client for your Mac.

3. Sparrow

best email clients for mac - sparrow

Sparrow is one of the best email clients for Mac that lets you clean up your inbox instantly without having you go through a dozen complicated things. It has been acquired by Google, so you can expect some good things hitting the app in the near future. The aim of the app is to provide a clutter-free environment for emailing, and you will notice the same as soon as you start working on an email in the app. The app supports Facebook connection as well, so if you have all of your friends on Facebook, you can simply see them available right in the app.

Not to mention the power of Gmail that I think it is tailored towards. Get it for yourself and let us know how it works for you.

4. Unibox

best email clients for mac - unibox

Unibox is one of those email clients that focuses more on organizing emails than just sending and receiving them. The unique feature of the app is it lets you filter out all of your emails by your contacts. So if you want to see all the emails that you have received from your friend, you can easily search them right within the app. The app makes viewing attachments much cooler as it shows up the previews of your attachments without having you click and download them.

5. Mozilla Thunderbird

best email clients for mac - thunderbird

Thunderbird comes from the creators of Mozilla Firefox – one of the best browsers in the world. The app aims to provide you with the simplest email interface ever available. The setup wizard is darn easy to get going, and once you are done with it, you will be welcomed by a number of features. Tabbed emails is the feature that I liked the most about the app; it is something similar to what we have on Firefox and Chrome.

Should you ever feel like something is missing in the app, just take a look at the Add-ons store and you will find many surprising things there that you might not have even thought of before.


Who doesn’t use emails these days? Everyone does. The apps above help will help you manage emails much easier on a Mac and perhaps some of them have something you would not find in your email provider’s web based interface.


  1. Apple’s Mail is perfect for me (with 4 mail accounts using)

    1. Hello Robert,

      That’s great! Having support for multiple email accounts is one of the great features of the app.


  2. Thanks for the review. The one problem I have with Apple Mail and several others is that they display an attachment in the body of the message. (I know there is an add-on for mail you can buy to fix this.) I know a couple email clients give you the ability to select which way you prefer attachments to be handled and that might be a nice feature to address in future reviews.
    Personally I’m still an email dinosaur…I used Eudora until support ended, now I’ve gone to Eudora OSE. Nothing fancy but it does handle multiple accounts and it does handle attachments the way I like it.
    Still looking for the perfect replacement.

    Thanks again.

  3. The Unibox way to organize email is so natural to me, that I don’t know if I can use anything else.

  4. A problem with Apple Mail is that every time they upgrade OSX, it causes problems with Apple Mail. Sure, the problems often get sorted out by the time the OSX version gets to about 10.x.5 – but it means you go through the circus of sorting out bugs every year. The Mail app thus never gets really, really stable for very long before it is upgraded.

    I far prefer standalone email apps such as Postbox which is OS independent. This means it can get really stable, irrespective of the changes in OSX.

    I wonder why you did not mention Postbox. This email client usually makes the top lists of most articles about email clients. It is really good. It’s a conventional-looking app which a lot of people want.

  5. Just switched to a Mac after being a life-long Windows user. Sure, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but what I miss the most is how reliable and useful Outlook was. I’ve tried using the “latest” version of Outlook on my Mac, but it’s not the same – not by a wide margin. Even transferring a PST file was a hassle, and none of my account settings carried over. Apple Mail is getting all the email duty right now, but I don’t like how it will only work with Cox’s email server as IMAP vs POP.
    Setting up specific rules in Apple Mail is another annoyance that takes much longer than it should.
    Give me a program that will function like Outlook, and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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