8 Websites to Find the Best Ebooks to Read

We have covered ebook readers for the various platforms, but what we really need is a place to find good ebooks to read. This article lists some of the best places/websites/apps to find good ebooks.

1. Google eBookstore


Google eBookstore is one of the first places to check when you are looking for good reads. This is a large online bookshop with titles from leading publishers in all genres. You can find the latest and the greatest books, as well as evergreen classic stuff. Most of the books are have a price attached, but there is also a free section. If you are concerned you need an Android device to read the books, don’t worry – you can read them on many devices, including iPhone/iPad and your desktop computer. Some of the books even come as audiobooks as well.

2. Amazon Best Sellers


Amazon Best Sellers is another huge online bookstore. Amazon is an especially useful place if you are looking for stuff to read on your Kindle device. Actually, it’s one of the few places where you can find lots of titles in Kindle format. There is a huge selection of genres and authors – from classics to yet-to-be-published stuff. If you browse Amazon itself, you can find many other ebooks for other devices, too.

3. Goodreads


Goodreads isn’t a site for ebooks only, but it has a remarkable ebook section. They offer ebooks in different genres and in different formats for different devices, such as .iba (Apple iBooks), .azw (Amazon Kindle), .epub and .pdf. They have regular giveaways, so if you are persistent (and lucky) you can get some great titles for free.

4. eBooks


I suppose eBooks.com is the largest site dedicated to ebooks in particular. Launched almost twenty years ago, this is one of the oldest ebook sites with over a million titles from different authors in almost any genre available. The formats ebooks are available in vary, but most ebooks come in at least the most popular formats and for the most popular ebook devices, or in the worse comes to worst, you can read it onscreen on your desktop computer.

5. Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is another site to check if you are looking for ebooks to read. With its 57,000 ebooks, it definitely isn’t the largest site, but you can find really valuable books there. The books on Project Gutenberg are in the public domain – most of them are old books with expired copyrights, but classics are included, too. There are lots of ebooks in various languages as well, such as French, Spanish, Russian, etc.

6. Open eBooks


In the highly unlikely case you couldn’t find good stuff on the previous sites, here is one more general ebook site to browse. Open eBooks is a partnership between the Digital Public Library of America, The New York Public Library, and First Book, with content support from digital books distributor Baker & Taylor and login support from Clever. In order to use the site you need to register, but this is hardly a huge problem if you are seriously looking for good ebooks to read.

7. Oxford Owl


Most of the sites up to here are general ebook sites; they offer ebooks from various genres. But if you are looking for ebooks for your kid in particular, try Oxford Owl. This site has a decent selection of ebooks for kids ages 3 to 11. With only about 150 ebooks, there isn’t exactly a huge choice, but the titles are good, and what is more, you can search for titles for different age groups, levels, book types, etc.

8. LibriVox


When you think of ebooks, you usually think of files you can read, but some ebooks come in audio form as well so that you can listen to them. One of the best places to find audiobooks is LibriVox. The site offers public domain audiobooks from all over the world. However, be warned that the quality of the recording varies drastically, so don’t expect all the recordings to be professional grade.

With the above mentioned lists and a good ebook reader on hand, you will have no trouble finding a decent amount of good reads here. Some of the sites have millions of titles in their database, so I am pretty sure you will be spending a lot of time browsing through what’s available.

Ada Ivanova
Ada Ivanova

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