The Best Dual Monitor Stands and Arms in 2023

Having one monitor on your desk takes up space, but two or more monitors quickly become an issue. One of the best ways around this is to get a dual monitor stand or arm. We've rounded up the best dual monitor stands and arms so that you can carefully select one that best meets your needs.

Tip: planning on getting an additional monitor? Refer to this guide on which monitor features to consider.

1. Best for Vertically Stacked Monitors: Vivo Dual Vertical Monitor Desk Stand

Price: $39.99

The Vivo Dual Vertical Monitor Desk Stand is a free-standing dual monitor stand with all the ergonomic features you may need. You can stack up to two ultrawide monitors on top of each other and get more space on your desk for other items.

Vivo Dual Vertical Monitor Desk Stand


  • Compatible with 13-inch to 32-inch monitors
  • Can support up to two 22 lb. monitors
  • Tilt angle up to 45 degrees
  • Swivel angle up to 360 degrees
  • 360-degree monitor rotation
  • Height adjustments allowed
  • Built-in cable management system
  • Install monitors in landscape or portrait mode
  • Available in two colors (black and white)


  • Base can’t be bolted, mounted, or clamped
  • Bulky base in terms of space

2. Best Side-by-Side Monitor Stand: Mount Pro Dual Monitor Stand

Price: $37.99

If you prefer to stack your monitors side by side, the Mount Pro Dual Monitor Stand is what you should consider. It offers all the ergonomic features you might want from your monitor for the best and most comfortable viewing angle, and it’s also reasonably priced. However, this dual monitor stand isn’t compatible with ultrawide displays, so do not purchase this one if your monitors are larger than 27 inches.

Mount Pro Dual Monitor Stand


  • Can support up to two 17.6 lb monitors
  • Up to 90 degree tilt angle
  • Up to 90 degree swivel
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Up to 15.8 inches height adjustment
  • Includes cable management clips
  • Supports landscape and portrait monitor setups
  • Desk mount


  • Not compatible with monitors larger than 27 inches
  • Base takes up space

Helpful hint: trying to decide between monitors? We have all the info on how to decide between a curved and flat monitor.

3. Best Monitor Riser: Loryergo Dual Monitor Stand

Price: $39.99

Do you simply need more space on your work desk? If so, consider the Loryergo Dual Monitor Stand. It raises two monitors and allows you to store items under the space provided by the stand. You can store a small keyboard, laptop, and other items under this stand. The downside is that it doesn’t have ergonomic features like height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and rotation.

Loryergo Dual Monitor Stand


  • Easy to set up
  • Provides storage space
  • Can support up to 44 lbs


  • No ergonomic features
  • It can’t be bolted, mounted, or clamped
  • No cable management support

4. Best for Laptop + Dual Monitors: Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount

Price: $112.29

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount is an excellent choice if you work with a laptop and cast your laptop’s screen to two monitors. It’s also good if you use two separate computers (i.e. a laptop and a desktop computer). With at least three screens on your desk as a laptop user, having a monitor mount like this will clear up space on your desk.

Huanuo Dual Monitor Mount With Laptop Tray


  • Includes laptop tray that fits up to 15-inch laptops
  • Offers desk clamp and mounting setup options
  • Supports up to two 18 lb monitors
  • 90-degree tilt and swivel
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 27.56-inch height adjustment


  • Not compatible with monitors larger than 27 inches
  • No cable management support

Tip: you can also set up your laptop as an external monitor for your Windows computer.

5. Best Wall-Mounting Arm: Wali Heavy Duty Monitor Wall Mount GSWM002

Price: $64.89

Wall mounting your monitors is the best way to maximize desk space. It also makes your working environment look cleaner, especially if your cables are well-managed. The Wali Heavy Duty Monitor Wall Mount GSWM002 is one of the best products to help you achieve that. This monitor arm also offers ergonomic features, such as height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and rotation to adjust your monitors to suit your posture and comfort.

Wali Heavy Duty Monitor Wall Mount Gswm002


  • Wall mounted
  • Allows tilting, swiveling, rotating, and height adjustment
  • Compatible with brick or wooden walls
  • Supports up to two 14.3 lb monitors
  • Provides the largest amount of desk space


  • Not compatible with monitors larger than 27 inches
  • No cable management support

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a monitor stand?

You can get an overwhelming number of dual monitor stands and dual monitor arms for your desk setup. If you choose the incorrect item for your monitors, you may end up wasting money, or your monitors may get damaged.

You can avoid this by looking for the following when shopping for a monitor stand or arm:

  • Compatibility – make sure the stand or arm is compatible with your monitors' size and weight. If your monitors' weight is beyond your stand or arm’s capacity, you may end up damaging them.
  • Ergonomics aside from creating more space on your desk, another reason to get a monitor stand or arm is ergonomics. Choose a product that lets you adjust the height, tilt, and swivel of your monitors.
  • Stability – your stand or arm needs good construction to hold your monitors steadily. Since a stand or arm can only handle up to specific sizes and weights, make sure to check compatibility when deciding whether a monitor stand or arm is well-designed.

What is VESA?

Also called the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), it is a standard mounting format implemented by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The FDMI was implemented in 1997 and is still today’s standard for all displays, including TVs and large monitors.

It has different variants with different spaces between mounting holes, maximum display weight, size of screws, and type of thread used. To find the suitable monitor stand or arm for your monitor, find what VESA mount variant it supports.

How do I know which VESA mount variant my monitor supports?

You can find your monitor’s VESA standard by looking at its product page on the manufacturer’s website, its data sheet that comes with the packaging, or by measuring the distance between the screw holes at the back.

Should I get a monitor stand or a monitor arm?

You should get a monitor stand if you only need to mount your monitors for optimal viewing and space is not an issue. Most stands have bases that take up space, but they’re easier to install, as you don’t need to drill screw holes in your wall or desk.

If you want the best free space on your desk, a monitor arm that’s wall-mounted is the best choice. Even though they’re a bit complicated to install, they’ll help you organize your desk better.

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