5 of the Best Drawing Apps for Android

Do you think you have all it takes to be the next Pablo Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci? That’s great. Since childhood, we have been learning to create all kinds of artwork. The artwork that we draw has remained the same for centuries, but what changes are the tools that we use to give a shape to our imaginations. Earlier, people used brushes and pencils to draw, but we now have technology to make drawing much faster and accurate than ever. So if you have an Android device and wish to use it as your canvas, here are some of the best apps that will help you do that.

1. ArtFlow


The only name that comes to mind when thinking of drawing apps is ArtFlow. With almost all the features available in the app for you to draw, the app lets you put your imagination onto a piece of paper. It has over seventy paint brushes for you to choose from, and it comes with color adjustments so you can draw shadows and other things where colors vary from the overall image. When you are done drawing, the image will be saved in a high-resolution format so it looks crisp and sharp even on your HDTV.

The app is available free of cost, with in-app purchases, on the Google Play store.

2. Infinite Painter


If you are willing to spend a few dollars to hone your drawing skills, Infinite Painter is the app to have on your device. With over a hundred brushes and blended and mixed colors, the app offers everything you would ever need to draw a great image. Just like what we have in Photoshop, it offers layers functionality to arrange various elements in your image. You can import images from various sources into the canvas, so you can then modify them the way you want.

The app costs $4.99 and can be obtained from the Google Play store.

3. SketchBook Express


SketchBook Express comes from the developers of Autodesk. It is a professional drawing app with all the tools available on a user-friendly interface. With a dedicated set of tools for drawing, you will never feel like you are missing a tool that you need to draw an image. It contains over fifteen brushes, a color wheel, four different styles for the canvas, and so on. An ideal device to use this app on should have at least 4″ inch screen, as that is what the developers of the app recommend.

You can grab the app for free from the Google Play store.

4. Smart Paint


As the name implies, Smart Paint allows you to create smart paintings on your Android device. What is so good about this app is its interface. There is no clutter on the main interface, so you only see the tools that you will actually use to draw images. It lets you resize your images using either pinching in and out or the buttons available on the interface. If you wanted to arrange various elements in your image, you can do so using the layers functionality. It has over nine tools for you to use and a color picker to pick the colors.

The app costs nothing and can be obtained from the Google Play store.

5. Paint


Don’t get confused by the Paint app you get in your version of Windows. Paint for Android is an app that is specifically designed for kids so they can give a shape to their imaginations. From drawing fairies to cartoon characters, they will find it really easy to get started with the app. Just hand over your Android device to your kid, and he or she will be ready with a great drawing in no time.

There aren’t any advanced options in the app that may confuse you. You can grab the app for free from the Google Play store.


If drawing is your hobby and you can’t find the time to get a canvas and tools from the market, these apps should be useful to you. They will help you feed your hobby, regardless of where you are. Whether you are at your office or relaxing at home, you can start drawing whenever you desire.

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