7 of the Best Download Managers for Windows 10

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If you are downloading several files, they can stall as a result of slower speeds, browser crashes or PC shutdowns. When there are multiple large files, it can be time-consuming to pay close attention to each and every download. It is way faster and more convenient to use a download manager since you can pause and restart your downloads anytime.

Here is an updated list of the best download managers for your Windows 10 PC. For users of Linux, Android or Mac, we have you covered. Having said this, some of the recommendations below are also available for either Mac or Linux or both.

1. Free Download Manager

Available for both Windows and Mac, Free Download Manager is available both as a standalone application and a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Whether it’s a torrent or a YouTube video, the software’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes all downloading activities very easy. Simply drag and drop the URL into the desktop widget, and you can pause and resume the downloads whenever you want.

Free Download Manager Youtube

Free Download Manager remains absolutely free. The software has also received multiple awards and 5-star ratings for its ease of use.

2. Download Accelerator Plus

Who hasn’t heard the name of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)? It has been around since the era of dial-up Internet and is instantly recognizable by its fiery flash symbol.

DAP also doubles as an FTP browser, video-to-MP3 converter and DAP link-checker which helps you see what’s really behind the files.

Dap 10 Download

DAP is a freeware, though you can pay $24.95 for the DAP Premium lifetime license. The DAP Premium version comes with some cool features like “trace cleaner” which completely removes all history of your downloads. Another feature, “extreme acceleration,” drastically raises the download speed.

3. Internet Download Manager

At only 7 MB, Internet Download Manager is a lightweight alternative to DAP 10 and is very easy to use. Once installed, it directly saves the files on your favorite browser, or you can drag and drop them to your computer. It has a “progressive quota system” to accelerate your downloads even when the Internet speed has been throttled.

You can preview zip files, schedule your downloads in advance, and sync with any VPN you are using so that your downloads remain anonymous.

Internet Download Manager Screenshot

Cost: $29.95 for a lifetime license. A free 30-day trial is available.

4. Download Manager S3

There are tons of download manager extensions but very few give satisfactory results from a tidy status bar. Download Manager S3 is currently the number-one rated extension for Firefox and has a sizeable following among Chrome users as well.

Download Manager S3

Promising full control of your download history, the software allows you to transfer a huge range of file extensions, including torrents, without any trouble.

5. JDownloader

Another free and open-source download managing tool, JDownloader is available on Linux and Mac as well. The dashboard is minimalist and simple, and you can download any files quickly.

Jdownloader Dashboard

For Windows users, the download is available as a zip file which you must extract to install the software. The pause-and-resume feature of the software works just like any other.

6. DownThemAll

DownThemAll is a no-frills, minimalist download manager that completely integrates with Firefox and comes with some really intuitive features. These include adding all download pages with a single click, filtering the files and renaming them on the go.

Down Them All Screenshot

The download manager features a smart download technique which it calls “multi-part download,” where you can split a file into multiple sections for faster downloads.

7. GetRight

GetRight is a custom software for Windows systems which is extremely lightweight and easy to use. In case your download was interrupted by unforeseen events, you can always get back to it after the connection is restored.


The software supports HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent links. It is available with Firefox and Internet Explorer but not Chrome. You can rest assured that there is no spyware, as GetRight has been installed in over 2.2 million systems.

Cost: Freeware with lifetime license at $19.95

In Summary

Even if you download files once in a while, it is worth having a download manager because of their faster transfer speeds. Internet service providers usually have fair usage policies, and if they classify you as a “heavy” or “excessive” user, you will sometimes find your download speeds throttled.

Do you like to use download managers? Which is your favorite one? Do let us know in the comments.

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