4 of the Best Download Managers for Android

Downloading via mobile can be a pain. A lot of mobile browsers really don’t manage downloads well. This is why downloads are iffy on Android, and it is especially hard to find a good mobile browser that manages downloads well. That’s why a lot of people have started using download managers on Android.

When a file is downloaded with the default browser on Android, it might be possible to pause, but that’s usually all. With a download manager, it is possible to bulk-download, pause, restart, resume, and do many, many other things. Below, four of the best download managers for Android are listed.

1. Fast Download Manager


Most mobile browsers download files at a really slow speed. This can be annoying, as most people want their download to finish quickly. Most download managers in the past have attempted to solve this issue, and Fast Download Manager is no different. It promises to significantly speed up your downloads with multi-threading.

Along with speed, there are other neat features like torrent support, a built-in web browser and file manager, no file download restrictions, and even a “no bother mode.” This download manager truly has a lot going for it. If you’re in the market for a new download manager, consider this one.

2. Downloader Private Browser


Most download managers simply let you get files from the Internet and manage them by being able to pause, resume, bulk download, automatically sort the downloaded files into folders, and more. However, how many download managers on Android respect your privacy?

Meet Downloader & Private Browser. With it, users can download files the normal way most download managers work. Along with that, the program allows users to keep downloaded files in complete privacy. Users are able to keep a pin number to secure downloaded files, and all files are kept in a secure, private folder.

3. Download Manager for Android


Want to speed up slow downloads on Android? If so, Download Manager For Android should be seriously considered. When downloading files, the developer claims it is “three times faster.” It should be noted that there’s not really any way that this can be accurately measured, but it does increase speed, and considering how slow mobile data can be this is a plus.

Besides faster downloads, the app also has a built in web browser for consuming content and has support for all types of files. It is also possible to check the integrity of files and rip videos from popular websites like Facebook or YouTube. Overall, if what you are looking for is a download manager that just works and has some neat, useful features, this is one to try out.

4. Advanced Download Manager


Advanced Downloader for Android is an interesting tool. It is similar to most download managers in that it can get multiple files at once, accelerates download speeds and has support for background downloading and multiple file types. It has pretty much the same set of features that we’ve seen on all the other list items. What sets Advanced Downloader apart is the theme support.

With this app, not only will users be able to get their files in a faster and more efficient way, but they’ll be able to do it with an interface that fits them. There are tons of themes to choose from so that users can take this app and make it more personal. If you’ve gone through this list and still haven’t landed on a manager, you might want to give this one a chance.


Downloading files should be easy to do while using an Android phone, but most mobile internet browsers make this an annoying and lacking experience. That’s why more people should ditch downloading with their mobile browsers. Instead, start using one of the download managers shown on this list. Each and every one of them is useful and will help make downloading on mobile easier in its own way.

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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