5 of the Best Crypto Screener Websites

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In today’s vast crypto market, finding coins with the most potential to provide quick returns manually is like finding a needle in a haystack. To save the manual effort of analyzing every coin and monitoring its trend, traders use crypto screeners to hunt for the best trading opportunities.We list five of the best crypto screeners below.

What Is a Crypto Screener?

Crypto screeners are tools that can scan the market’s huge list of crypto coins and filter out trading opportunities based on custom settings and parameters. Different crypto screeners have different mechanisms on which they create their predictions and analyze trends. The most commonly-used parameters to filter your search are:

  • Price change
  • Market cap
  • Trading volume
  • Technical chart patterns
  • Indicators like EMA crossovers and RSI

Based on your strategy and parameters, a crypto screener will scan through a list of coins and show you the ones that match your search preferences.


DYORis a fairly new crypto screener that is especially designed for traders who play with derivatives like futures and options.

Dyor Homepage

DYOR’s index consists of over a hundred coins with the most trading volume. It scans the spot markets of Binance and KuCoin and FTX’s perpetual markets to list and analyze coins in both USDT and BTC pairs.

It is loaded with over 150 technical indicators to find coins that align with your derivative trading strategy. Using these filters, you can sort out specific coins that have recently had a golden crossover, have a hidden divergence, had a recent Bollinger Band breakout, and even formed a candlestick pattern anywhere from a Hanging Man to a Shooting Star.

You can even assign your custom priority to these filters to create your own powerful screener that scans the entire market and presents you with coins that match your custom strategies.

Dyor Screener

If that sounds like a small upgrade from most crypto screeners, DYOR takes it to another level by actually doing all the technical analysis on your behalf using its own AI. It can not only list coins based on your parameters but also identifies various chart patterns.

However, if you only like to trade a particular pattern, like the falling wedge or bull flag, you can customize your settings to scan the listed coins to find your preferred patterns and even set custom time frames for your search. Not just patterns, but DYOR also identifies and lists current trend lines, historical support and resistance levels that you may otherwise miss out on.

Dyor Patterns Min

All in all, DYOR is hands down one of the most powerful crypto screeners for futures and options trading. Apart from scanning and listing coins, it also detects sudden volume spikes across all three listed exchanges and even sends you alerts on telegram for all your scans. However, DYOR is not a free screener, and all these features will cost you $14 a month.


  • 150+ technical iIndicators
  • Create custom alerts
  • Patterns and divergence recognition


  • Does not identify patterns for every coin

2. Coinmarketcap

If you have ever checked out the price of a cryptocurrency online, chances are that it was probably on Coinmarketcap. It is the most referenced price-tracking resource for cryptocurrencies on the Internet, with more than 300 million active users.

It has a well-rounded set of basic features and a simple user interface. However, it also doubles down as a screening tool with a ton of functionality. You can sort coins based on filters like price, algorithm, etc.

You can also categorize the listed coins based on the sectors they belong to, percentage change in price, market cap, volume, and circulating supply.

Coinmarketcap Filters

What makes Coinmarketcap one of the best crypto screeners is that it has the largest index of coins. It lists more than 16,000 crypto coins and also provides information about the coin’s fundamentals, where to buy it from, its price history, and more.

Apart from acting as a crypto market screener, Coinmarketcap also gives you a few additional tools, like custom watchlists and even a free portfolio tracker.

Coinmarketcap Portfolio 1

Along with coins, Coinmarketcap ranks and scores exchanges based on traffic, liquidity, trading volumes, and confidence in the legitimacy of the trading volumes they report.

All in all, Coinmarketcap is a great screener where you can find info about almost every coin ever listed on an exchange that is very easy to use for beginners. However, it is not the best for experienced traders, as it does not come with advanced filters or parameters to sort coins.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Easy access to source code and whitepaper
  • Fast refresh times


  • Lack of advanced filtering parameters

3. Messari

Messari is another crypto screening tool that is great for both newcomers and experts in the crypto space. It presents a ton of detailed information in an easy-to-read format and is jam-packed with more than one hundred advanced filters.

Maker Min

Messari gives you access to charts that show you multiple aspects of a coin along with key metrics like one-hour range, 24-hour range, volume, market cap, all-time high/low, and more. You also get a lot of information about the coin on the profile page, where you can learn about the coin’s history and fundamentals backing the coin.

Apart from the summary, you can also see what exchanges it’s trading on and what the trading price is at each exchange all on a single dashboard, which can help traders looking for arbitrage opportunities.


A small caveat about Messari is that it only has 842 coins in its index. However, these coins are carefully selected and are the top moneymakers in the crypto market with reasonable trading volume.

Messari displays coins with a variety of metrics and data in Messari’s dedicated chart area. It discusses a coin’s price, volume, market size, volatility, and other factors, all of which are represented in its own charts and metrics so that you can get a complete technical analysis-based view. This information helps traders and investors to get a better understanding of the coin’s realistic situation and future move.

What makes Messari really unique is that it even lists background information about a coin, like sudden exchange deposits, inflow and outflow rates, active addresses, and so much more. This helps you get a holistic view of the market without having to go to sites like CryptoQuant to carry out advanced market analysis.

Multi Chart Layout

Although Messari does have a great collection of features for free users, the advanced metrics, indicators, and filters are reserved for premium users. To unlock all the benefits and make the best use of the platform, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $29.99.


  • Wide range of data and metrics
  • Detailed analysis about the project
  • Organized and easy to understand UI
  • Lists the latest news and events


  • Not free

4. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is a unique crypto screener that filters coins based on social engagements. Since the crypto sphere is a highly manipulative territory with influencers exercising a lot of power over a coin’s next move, it makes much sense to check the social metrics to predict the next pump in a coin.

Lunarcrush Homepage

Unlike most crypto screeners that focus on technical analysis materials like volume profiles and volatility, LunarCrush adds a twist to the formula. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify trends on social media for a particular coin to quantitatively judge a coin’s next move.

LunarCrush has many unconventional filters and indicators like social volume, social engagement, news volume, and social contributors that give insights about future price movements. Not only that, but you can view the metrics and social trends for all coins, track your portfolio, and add your holdings and view them in beautifully detailed charts.

Lunarcrush Metrics

On LunarCrush’s feeds tab, you can see trending words in the crypto field and view the most dominant words in the crypto social trends, which can help you predict future prices of the coins that are gaining hype online. It also has a dedicated influencers tab, where you can read the most recent tweets from crypto influencers in one place to find out what coin they are pushing.

Lunarcrush Influencers Pushing

Also, there are special metrics like Galaxy Score and AltRank, which are exclusive to LunarCrush and provide unique perspectives about future movements in price. More so, it also has a correlation score, which keeps comparing the accuracy of LunarCrush predictions to the actual price movement.

Overall, LunarCrush is the best social metric screener that gives you a unique insight into the market. Even though it’s not very wise to invest in a coin solely based on its social hype, you can always use it as a confluence factor to pick more promising trades.


  • Unique social metrics
  • Exclusive LunarCrush metrics
  • Accurate data analysis


  • No chart editing

5. Quantify Crypto

QuantifyCrypto is a powerful crypto screening tool, which focuses on ease of use and simplicity. It analyses the top 250 coins in the market that alone cover over 97% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. The screener’s UI is flooded with information, which might make it look hard to understand, but it’s actually quite straightforward and easy once you get the hang of it.

Quantifycrypto Homepage

The terminal’s homepage has all 250 coins listed neatly on a single dashboard, and you can directly see the price of each coin along with its current trend that the screener calculates using its own algorithm. The prices are refreshed every five seconds, flashing the price movement as green and red based on the direction.

QuantifyCrypto can also sort coins using advanced filters like RSI, MACD, ATR, Bollinger Bands, and many more, which makes it a very powerful tool, especially for day traders. Not only that, but it also has a dashboard that displays bullish and bearish signals that actively predicts a coin’s next move. You can even further fine-tune your signal alerts by setting up custom metrics like RSI and MACD and even change the time frame of your screener, all this with a single tool.

Quantifycrypto Screener

Not only does QuantifyCrypto have a very strong screening tool, but it also offers other features like customizable heatmaps, news aggregator, multiple price charts layout, widgets, and a custom dashboard that displays technical scores.

Quantifycrypto Heatmap

Even though the free version of QuantifyCrypto is good enough for most users, if you want to unlock increased refresh rates and access to even more indicators, you will need to subscribe to their premium plan that costs around $29.99 per month.


  • Fast Refresh Times
  • Customizable Candlesticks
  • Intuitive UI


  • Free accounts can only use three indicators at once

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use crypto screeners for scalping?

Since scalping requires high precision and accuracy, relying completely on a crypto screener’s insights may not be the best idea. What you can do instead is use a screener to find coins in a definitive trend by using filters like 200MA and look at pullback entries on those coins to scalp them safely.

2. Why do different crypto screeners show different prices for the same coins?

The main reason there’s a difference in the price of the same coin across different crypto screeners is that they are collecting their data from different exchanges.

3. Can I make a Python script to automatically buy a coin using a crypto screener?

Some crypto screeners, such as QuantifyCrypto, offer an API with their premium plans to create your own trading strategies. You can request the API of a coin for information like RSI, EMA crossover or Boilenger band breakout status and formulate your own conditions that will trigger a buy when they are met.

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