The Best All-In-One CRM Software for Freelancers and Creatives

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Freelancers and creatives have to wear multiple hats, such as marketing, accounting, and client manager in addition to the main job itself. Juggling all these roles, especially keeping in contact with clients, isn’t always easy. That’s where all-in-one CRM software can help. It’s a great tool for keeping your business more organized.

What Is a CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software refers to a tool that helps your keep client details organized. Think of a it as a dashboard for your business.

For every client, you can add relevant details, such as emails, dates of follow-ups, when to invoice them, whether they’ve paid or not, notes about calls/meetings, and more.

Of course, you’re not limited to just contacts. All-in-one CRM software also helps with project management. This includes signing contracts, detailing tasks, supplies needed, invoicing, and more.

At first, you may think CRM software is only for large businesses with hundreds or thousands of clients to keep track of. However, CRM tools are perfect for all types of freelancers and creatives, even if you only have a few clients.

If you only have one or two clients, the benefits may not seem that big of a deal. However, as your client list grows, you’ll appreciate having an organizational system in place so that you have more time to focus on the projects themselves.

1. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is one of the more popular CRM software options simply for offering everything beginners and long-time freelancers and creatives could ever hope for in one tool. Integrations with popular tools make it easy to add relevant information without much of an onboarding process.


  • All-in-one for all types of freelancers and creatives
  • Invoicing tools (send invoices and receive payments)
  • Create contracts
  • Upload attachments
  • Professional proposal designing
  • Simplified scheduling (clients can book available time slots)
  • Automated emails and tasks
  • Integrations with popular tools like Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, QuickBooks, and Google Calendar
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Free trial without credit card


  • No free tier (7-day free trial only)
  • Lowest cost plan is limited to $10,000 in total transactions
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Honeybook 2

The obvious downside is HoneyBook isn’t free. The Starter Plan is $9/month but limited to $10,000 in transactions. The $39/month Unlimited Plan is the best value but may not be in the budget for brand new creatives.

2. Flowlu

Flowlu doesn’t skimp when it comes to features, including in their very generous free tier. Free plans are limited to two users and only 1 GB of storage, and you don’t get a client portal for clients to chat with you or add comments. However, you’re still able to track projects and clients as well as invoice and track expenses.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Flowlu


  • Track unlimited projects, tasks, and clients in the free tier
  • Upload files
  • Get notifications for projects, tasks, and client follow-ups
  • Manage all financial data, including online invoicing
  • Create a knowledge base for teams
  • Plan projects with mind maps
  • Create professional contracts
  • Set up real-time chat and comments
  • Forecast project details, such as expenses and time spent
  • Detailed reports


  • Some features only available in premium plans
  • No customization in free tier (no custom logo/branding)
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Flowlu 2

As your freelance business grows, you may want to upgrade to a Team ($29/month), Business ($59/month), or Professional ($119/month) plan. These give you more features and work well for small and large teams.

3. Bloom

Bloom is a feature-rich CRM tool with a free tier designed for beginner freelancers and creatives. It offers a great free CRM tier that will easily be the only software needed for some creatives and freelancers. For managing one project at a time and multiple clients, the feature set is hard to beat. However, the real power of Bloom starts with premium plans, which allow you to accept online payments, integrate with more tools, and create larger website portfolios. (Smaller portfolios are free.)

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Bloom


  • Detailed client tracking
  • Client booking and scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Website embedding
  • Integrations with Zoom, iCal, Google Calendar, Zapier, Square, Stripe, and more
  • Upload attachments
  • Create project portfolio (free website)
  • Task and email automation
  • Contract creation and management
  • Manage leads


  • Many features only available in premium plans
  • Free tier only for freelancers and creatives just getting started
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Bloom 2

Plans start at $39/month for individuals and small teams. For agencies and studios, the $79/month gives you additional storage and users.

4. Bonsai

Bonsai is designed with all creatives and freelancers in mind, simplifying every aspect of managing projects and clients all in one convenient place.

You can go from chaotic to organized quickly with templates, client management, accounting reminders, and more. The easy-to-use CRM is also available in a mobile app for fast access on the go. Sadly, the tax features are an add-on that costs $10/month. Plus, you have to pay $9/month extra for other users.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Hello Bonsai


  • Full featured invoicing
  • Create and manage contracts and proposals
  • Automated timesheets
  • Numerous templates (invoicing, contracts, proposals, briefs, etc.)
  • Client input (forms, feedback, contact, etc.)
  • Manage leads and contacts
  • Full accounting features, including taxes
  • Track tasks and projects


  • No free tier (14-day free trial only)
  • Some features are add-ons (not included in any plans)
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Hello Bonsai 2

For well-established freelancers trying to juggle the administrative side of their business, Bonsai is one of the lower-cost premium CRM tools at just $19/month for the basic plan and $29/month for the Plus plan.

5. Dubsado

Dubsado offers a comprehensive CRM tool for both beginner and established freelancers. The free version is limited both on features and clients (just three). However, it does give you a good taste of what’s possible with no credit card needed. The dashboard really stands out, though, offering an overview of financial details, your schedule, upcoming tasks, and recent notifications to handle.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Dubsado


  • Impressive amount of templates for contracts, proposals, questionnaires, lead generation, and more
  • Full invoicing features, including integrations with payment processors
  • Detailed reporting
  • Create automated workflows
  • Organize and manage projects, tasks, and all client details/communications
  • Easy-to-use scheduler
  • Integrations with popular tools like QuickBooks, Zapier, Zoom, and many more
  • Detailed dashboard with comprehensive overview page


  • Free version limited to three clients
  • Cheapest premium plan surprisingly limited
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Dubsado 2

Overall, it’s reasonably priced if you should decide to upgrade. It’s $200/year for the Starter plan, which doesn’t include automated workflows and scheduling. To get all of the features, you’ll need the $350/year plan.

6. Hectic

Hectic is a breath of fresh air for established freelancers looking for an affordable premium CRM tool to manage their clients and projects. What’s impressive is that the free tier gives you almost all the premium features, but you’re limited to a single client and project; however, there’s no credit card required to take Hectic for a test drive.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Hectic


  • Detailed client management
  • Add attachments and files
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Collaboration tools for teams
  • Track time and revenue
  • Integrations with Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, Slack, and more
  • Create custom contracts and proposals
  • Mobile apps
  • Manage projects and tasks


  • Free tier limited to one active client
  • Only one general template, though you can create your own
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Hectic 2

The simply designed dashboard and colorful charts make it easy to find the information you need quickly to stay on top of your business. Plus, it’s just $11.99/month (with a 30-day money back guarantee) for the Unlimited Plan. Alternatively, if you have a team of up to 10 members, try the $19.99/month plan.

7. Vtiger

Vtiger isn’t quite as feature-rich as some of the other CRM tools on this list, but if you need a CRM with more of a marketing focus, this could be the perfect fit for you. Plus, the free plan offers everything you could want in terms of project and client detail management. It’s easy to customize the CRM to only see the data applicable to you.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Vtiger


  • Up to 10 users on the free plan
  • Manage contacts
  • Attach documents and other files
  • Integration with Google Meet, Zoom, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Full task and project management
  • Marketing tools and templates, such as emails, lead forms, and autoresponders
  • Internal collaboration with comments and meetings
  • Set up workflows
  • Schedule contacts and meetings
  • Mobile app


  • No invoicing features
  • Free tier limited to 3,000 records and 3GB storage
  • Dashboard is more of a menu than actual dashboard
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Vtiger 2

The free plan does have some limitations, but it could be ample even for more established freelancers. On the other hand, it’s one of the more expensive options to upgrade to, starting at $30/month per user.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a CRM with a heavy focus on collaboration and lead generation. While many features are limited or unavailable in the free tier, it’s still a powerful free plan that may be more than enough for freelancers and creatives, as long as you use another invoicing option. However, you can still track sales, manage contacts, and track time spent on projects. Plus, you can create a great free website.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Bitrix24


  • Manage contacts and gather leads
  • Automate follow-ups
  • Build your own website
  • Collaborate with other team members (chat, video, calls, etc.)
  • Provide quotes and invoices (upgrade necessary for collecting payments)
  • Manage projects
  • Track time and tasks
  • Create task automations
  • Various contact options, such as social media, chatbots, website forms, and more


  • Free tier is limited with many features missing
  • Invoicing only available in paid plans
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Bitrix24 2

Premium plans start at $39/month for up to five users. To get all features and unlimited users, it’s a steep $159/month.

9. Zenkit

Zenkit isn’t your normal CRM. You won’t find a section for contacts or leads. Instead, you can manage these in Hypernotes or Base, allowing you to customize everything. At first, it’s a confusing system, but once you go through the tutorials, it’s easier to use. Every product has its own limitations in the free version, with pricing varying from $4-$9/month for Plus plans and $19-$25/month for Business. Alternatively, you can contact Zenkit for special bundle pricing.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Zenkit


  • Create and manage projects
  • Comprised of five main tools: Projects, To Do, Zenchat, Hypernotes, and Base
  • Create detailed notes using individual notebooks organized in a library
  • Detailed task manager with reminders
  • Collaboration with chat features
  • All tools integrate with each other
  • Collect contacts and details as tasks, projects, or in notebooks
  • Integrations with over 1,500 other services


  • No traditional contact management options
  • No lead generation or marketing tools
  • No invoicing
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Zenkit 2

If you mainly need a CRM for project management, Zenkit is the simpler option among most CRM tools.

10. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is designed with both solopreneurs and large agencies in mind. The good part is that freelancers and creatives can benefit from many of the same professional lead generation and contact organization tools for free. Without any type of trial, you can manage up to 50,000 contacts and add unlimited tasks and documents. While there aren’t any invoicing features, the dashboard gives you a great overview of your day, keeping you organized.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Agile


  • Fully manage contacts and leads
  • One-click calls and call automation
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage projects with drag-and-drop task lists
  • Create automated marketing workflows
  • Connect email and social media
  • Offer helpdesk and feedback support for clients
  • Integrate with a wide variety of services, including social media, video chat, email, and more
  • Add-on apps for more functionality
  • Free version for up to 10 users and 50,000 contacts


  • Many marketing features only available in premium plans
  • Most integrations require premium plans
  • No invoicing
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Agile 2

Pricing starts at just $8.99/month to add marketing features. The Regular and Enterprise plans give you even more features and cost $29.99/month and $47.99/month respectively.

11. Streak

Streak is a unique CRM tool that runs directly from Gmail and makes it so that you don’t have to bounce back and forth between your email and CRM. You use the same Gmail interface you’re used to, but you can easily import contacts, sales data, and much more. Colorful labels help you keep everything neatly organized. The detailed tutorial videos help you get started in just minutes.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Streak


  • Installs in Chrome and Gmail
  • Track contacts and all emails
  • Set up pipelines to capture data
  • Get reminders and send out follow-up emails
  • Track sales
  • Set up task lists
  • Integrates with GSuite products (additional Zapier integrations in premium plans)
  • Customizable workflows
  • Invoicing (premium plan only)


  • Requires Gmail
  • Only very basic features available in free tier
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Streak 2

The free plan is really only for solo users and offers up to 500 items being tracked in your pipeline and 50 mail merge messages a day. For more advanced features and integrations, you’ll need to upgrade to the $15/month Solo plan. For invoicing features, you’ll need the $49/month Pro or $129/month Enterprise plan.

12. Capsule

Capsule is a true all-in-one CRM tool giving you everything you need to keep track of projects and clients. Easily nurture possible leads without forgetting anyone. The detailed reporting is ideal for tracking goals and finances. Surprisingly, most integrations and add-ons are included in the free tier, although reporting is limited.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Capsule


  • Detailed contact management
  • Email templates for Outlook and Gmail
  • Thousands of integrations via Zapier
  • Lead nurturing
  • Task management and calendar
  • Detailed sales tracking and reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Made for individuals and teams
  • Manage up to 250 contacts for free


  • Free tier has very limited storage (50 MB)
  • Most features come through add-ons (included) versus being built in
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Capsule 2

Odds are that you’ll need more storage, though, if you continue using Capsule. While each plan offers a free trial, the Professional plan is $18/user/month. For even more storage, contacts, and features, you can upgrade to the Teams plan for $36/user/month or the Enterprise plan for $54/user/month.

13. offers the most unique approach to a CRM tool. If you love using spreadsheets, you’ll appreciate the familiar format. Plus, everything can be customized. There are numerous templates to help you get started. View data as a spreadsheet or in Gantt, Kanban, or Form view to best suit your needs. Most freelancers and creatives only need the free plan.

Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Spreadsheet


  • Familiar spreadsheet interface to make it easier to use
  • Start with templates and easily customize spreadsheets for your needs
  • Unlimited workbooks in the free plan
  • Manage contacts and projects
  • Handle marketing and scheduling
  • Manage finances and create detailed reports
  • Works with individuals and teams
  • 1,000s of integrations, such as QuickBooks, Zapier, Gmail, and more


  • No direct invoicing
  • Workbooks limited to 2,000 rows in the free plan (You can just create new workbooks, though.)
Top All In One Crm Software For Freelancers And Creatives Spreadsheet 2

However, if you need to upgrade for more storage, pricing starts at $9/user/month, but only users that create spreadsheets count as a user, so other team members can view and edit data on existing workbooks for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can’t I just create my own spreadsheet or database?

Yes, you can. If you don’t have much information to manage, it may be simpler and easier to just create a spreadsheet to track finances and client details. You can even use database software, such as Microsoft Access to design your own CRM. Of course, you can opt for a free alternative software like LibreOffice, which includes its own spreadsheet and database tools.

2. Can I export and import data to/from a CRM?

Most CRM tools do offer export and import options. This allows you to move to another CRM, back up your data, and easily import existing data, such as contact lists.

3. Can established freelancers get by with a free CRM?

It all depends on the features you want and need. For larger numbers of clients and projects, you’ll likely need a premium CRM for more advanced invoicing, integrations, and storage. However, always start with a free plan if available. If it offers everything you need with little to no compromise, stick with the free version.

4. Are CRM tools secure?

Overall, reputable CRM tools are just as secure as most other cloud-based solutions for businesses. However, depending on your industry, your chosen CRM may need to meet specific encryption and security standards. Viewing the “Help” section of a CRM’s website or contacting customer support will give you the answers you need.

Also, ensure you use a secure, unique password for your account and have anti-virus software on any device you use to access your CRM.

5. Isn’t CRM software complicated to use?

Not really. While it can seem intimidating at first, every option on this list has a great help section with tutorials and resources to help you get started quickly and master the features.

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