5 of the Best Collection Organizing Android Apps

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps

Almost everybody collects something. But keeping up with that collection isn’t always easy. You could just write it all down, but wouldn’t an app be easier? There are plenty of great apps just for collecting one type of thing, like books. However, collection organizing Android apps are ideal for managing nearly any type of collection and even multiple collections in a single app.

1. MyCollections

MyCollections allows you to keep track of almost anything. You can even share your collections with friends so that you can manage lists together or make sure no one’s buying you something you already have. There are built-in templates for common collections, but you can create your own as well.

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps Mycollections

Add photos and details. A built-in search feature makes finding things easy. Despite an outdated looking interface, it’s a powerful app that even syncs between devices. It’s completely free with no limitations.

2. Momento Database

Momento Database is one of the more popular collection organizing Android apps. It’s built for both businesses and individuals. Manage everything from business inventory to your stamp collection. You’ll find plenty of templates available thanks to the large user community. It syncs between devices and even with Google Sheets.

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps Momento

It may be more powerful than what the average collector needs, but the customization options make it a great choice. However, it’s not free. The free version limits you to 50 MB and three collections. You can upgrade starting at $3/month for 2 GB of storage and unlimited collections.

3. Libib

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps Libib

If you just need something simple for books, music, movies, and games, Libib is the perfect choice. It only works with these four items but allows you to scan them using the item’s barcode. Of course, you can manually enter information, too. You can manage other types of items, but you’ll have to use one of the four main collection types as your template.

It’s a relatively simple app, but creating a collection takes just seconds. Plus, it’s completely free.

4. My Collections

My Collections allows you to create a collection for anything. You start by creating a basic collection and then customizing the fields. Add images, sync with Google Drive for backup, and even share your collection with others. You’ll see collections created by other users who choose to make their collections public. You don’t have to make anything public.

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps My Collections

The account creation process is a bit tricky, but otherwise, it’s one of the more straightforward collection organizing Android apps. The app is free, and you may not need to upgrade. It’s $3.99/year to add up to ten images per item, remove ads, and add more social features.

5. My … Collection

My … Collection is one of the newest collection organizing Android apps. At the time of writing, it’s still in development, but you can test it out now to help make it better. The developer, Tuyware, already has several popular collection organizing apps in the Play Store for different types of collections like board games and video games, including retro games. However, this app is made to collect everything in a single app.

Best Collection Organizing Android Apps Tuyware Mycollections

With customizable fields, you can track any collection. While the initial creation tool starts you with just a few fields, you can add as many as you need to describe your items later on. There are even themes to customize the app itself. It’s free to use and makes keeping up with your collection much easier.

If your favorite hobby is collecting music, you will be happy to know that there are many great music download apps for Android. No matter what you collect, use one of the apps mentioned here to track the items. While manually entering everything may be time-consuming at first, once that’s done, these apps only take a few minutes to update when you add to your collection. Plus, you’ll be able to add details like where items are stored, if anyone’s borrowed anything, and much more.

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