5 of the Best Brain Training Games For iOS

Brain Puzzle Games Iphone

Mobile phones can be a good way of stress-busting or training your brain muscles by playing some logic-based or puzzle games during a break. Instead of endlessly scrolling through your social media feed during your break, you can invest your time in training your brain and have fun at the same time. Here are some of the best brain-training games for iOS.

1. Brain Dots

The first puzzle game on our list is a very popular brain puzzle game called Brain Dots. The game not only helps you train your brain muscles but also tests your understanding of physics.

Brain Dots Puzzle Game

The main objective of this game is to use your skills to make the two balls or dots (whatever you want to call them) meet. You need to draw an appropriate shape that would force both the balls to travel towards each other. As you move toward harder levels, you will unlock different style pens.

Taking customization to the next level, the game allows you to create your very own level and see if users around the globe can solve them. The Brain Dots game is available in 15 languages from Japanese and Korean to Russian and Hindi.

2. 1Line

1Line is a simple brain puzzle game where the user needs to connect the dots and complete the pattern without going over any connecting lines twice. It is another highly-rated iOS puzzle game that’s available for free but does include ads, but they are not that distracting.

1line Brain Puzzle Game

It does not matter where you start connecting the dots. All you need to do is make sure you are not doubling over any line. There are a total of 15 levels that include 850 stages, which is enough to keep you occupied for weeks.

Unique types of lines can also be found in later stages like “one-way lines” and “overlapping lines.” 1Line will give you hints when you get stuck.

You can get rid of the ads by doing a one-time payment of $1.99.

3. Freaky Focus

Probably one of the simplest yet difficult brain puzzle games available for iPhone users is Freaky Focus. The main aim of this Freaky Focus game is to test your impulses. This puzzle game is available for free and includes some ads.

Freaky Focus Brain Game

It presents you with a colored screen and a color name. Users are required to verify the correct color and the text by hitting the right or wrong sign at the bottom. It may sound simple, but the tricky part is that you get only two seconds to register your response.

Freaky Focus can be difficult at times because our brain is split into two hemispheres that focus on different tasks. The left hemisphere is more analytical and detail-oriented, while the right hemisphere is more intuitive and impulsive. It tests the right hemisphere and in the process also trains it.

4. Brain It On!

Another game for training your brain is Brain It On. It is a physics-based game that will tickle your thought box. This game allows you to explore your imagination and draw anything you want to achieve the desired outcome.

Brain It On Puzzle Game

You may need to draw levers, swing objects in the air, make slopes, make unusual objects, etc., to get through different levels. There is no hard-and-fast rule for passing any of the levels, meaning there are multiple ways to complete a puzzle.

You need to find the best solution. You can share your unique solution to a puzzle with your friends. The app is available for free; however, it contains ads, which is understandable. Arguably, it’s one of the best brain puzzle games for iPhone users.

5. Brain Wars

Do you want to test your brain competing with actual humans? Brain Wars is your answer. This fun puzzle game lets you play different games and compete with your friends or family members.

Brain Wars Puzzle Game

There are 30 different games you can play inside Brain Wars. The games include color match, math, shape recognition, number memorization, etc., which will definitely sharpen your concentration skills. The game is simple yet intuitive and is available free of cost.

There are ads, but they are not distracting. Users can connect with their friends via Facebook and compete in a real-time battle of brain puzzle games.

Wrapping Up

Although there are plenty of brain-training games in the App Store, these are the few that I found worth recommending. If you are an Android user, check out the best brain-training apps for Android.

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