5 of the Best Brain-Training Apps for Android

Experts are always reminding us of the importance of keeping our minds in shape. You can try puzzles or other types of games to keep your mind sharp. You may have even tried an app or two to see if it helps.

There are a lot of memory apps out there for different types of brain-training exercises, but which ones are actually worth trying? Here are some apps that will help keep your mind sharp and in shape.

1. NeuroNation – Focus and Brain-Training

NeuroNation will help you keep your mind in shape. After completing a brief questionnaire as to what you want to improve, a personalized brain-training session is created. You can improve skills such as your memory, concentration, intelligence, and logic, and even reduce stress.


The app features eight personalized sessions, twenty-nine exercises, and is always adding new ones with its updates. The exercises it has are either basically or highly effective. By registering you can save your progress and compete with other users around the world.

NeuroNation also shows you (on a graph) what your strengths and weaknesses are and all the cognitive functions you’re working out. You can also read science articles that talk about how cognitive training helps you throughout your lifespan (for example).

2. Skillz – Logical Brain

Unlike the first app, Skills allows you to either use the app in single or multiplayer mode. To play in multiplayer, you’ll need to sign into your Google+ account. Skillz will then find someone that matches your score, which leads to game time.

The multiplayer mode allows you to play with a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. If you’re number one in multiplayer mode, you get a total of five brains as your prize.

After you complete a round, you’ll get a certain amount of brains. You can save those brains to later retry in the current round, pass a level with five starts or pass a round.

Like any brain-training app, this one also helps you improve your reflexes, memory, accuracy, speed, color coordination, and touch ability.

3. Peak

Peak’s goal is to improve your language skills, mental agility, focus, memory and so on. The visuals in Peak are better than in the previous apps, and it also has exercises to help you with your emotions as well.


For example, it has a game where it has you focusing on happy faces and matching them. You’ll need to do this while ignoring the sad faces, thus helping you concentrate on the positive things.

The app also shows you a visual display of how well you did in the exercises. You’ll automatically see what you’re good at, and you can choose between twenty-five games that regularly update. Peak also has a virtual coach that shows you how to play the games, and you can also use the app offline as well.

4. Brain Wars

Brain Wars offers quite a few options when it comes to challenging others when you brain train. Besides providing a great design, it also gives you the option to compete with others around you, around the world or in a particular country.


You can play games such as:

  • Operations
  • Flick Master
  • Simplicity
  • Touch the Number
  • Follow the Leader
  • Bird Watching
  • High or Low
  • Addition Link
  • Reflection
  • Tap the Color
  • and more!

These games will help you improve your focus, observation, concentration, reactions, and math/geometrical skills as well. Brain Wars also shows you an image of what parts of your brain you’re working out with the games you’ve played.

The app doesn’t require you to create an account since you can play as a guest and not give any personal information, but you can create a profile if you want to.

5. Brain Dots

With Brain Dots you only have one mission: to draw a line that will result in the two-color dots touching. It seems simple enough, but as you progress, the solution to the level gets more complicated. If you want a hint to know how to pass the level, tap on the light bulb icon at the top-right.


While you start by using a pencil, you can level up to drawing tools such as a pen or even a crayon. You will need to use the coins you won after each level to buy the pen or whatever it is you want to use. More levels will be unlocked as you progress, and you’ll have to deal with a few ads here and there.


A great way you can keep your mind in shape is by playing one or more of the apps listed above. With time, you may have even improved what you didn’t even realize needed improvement. How do you brain train? Leave a comment and let us know.

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