5 of the Best Barcode Scanner Apps for Android

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While it’s not one of the mainstream reasons for owning a phone, people do use them in order to scan barcodes. This is more than the QR codes you find on media; we’re talking about the actual codes located on products which are scanned when purchasing them. But why do people use these apps, and which are the best?

Why Use a Barcode Scanner App?

While they have a niche use, these apps are very much still used. They’re a quick and easy way to get the product details via barcode. Some apps build upon this information to provide a specific service, such as a shopping list app that adds items as you scan them.

1. QR & Barcode Scanner

Barcode App Scanner

If you want a fast, bare-bones, no-nonsense scanner, the QR & Barcode Scanner app is perfect. It advertises its QR code capabilities heavily, but it can read regular barcodes just fine. The scan is quick, and you get all the information instantly. You can then tap one of the buttons to do a Google search on the barcode details to find more info on the product.

2. Barcode Scanner Pro

Barcode App Pro

For a little more in features than just a scanner, Barcode Scanner Pro is a good choice. It works very similarly to the above app but has a history that stores previous entries. This makes it great for scanning items to store for later reference. It also has a nice collection of settings for different barcode type scans, as well as haptic feedback when a scan is confirmed.

3. Barcode Scanner for Amazon

We’ve all been there – we’re out shopping at our favorite store when we see the price of the item we want. We can’t help but wonder, “Would it be cheaper to just buy it off of Amazon?” If you want to do a quick check, be sure to download Barcode Scanner for Amazon.

Barcode App Amazon

This scans in barcodes, then immediately uses the details to search Amazon for the product. You can then compare the price to the product in front of you to see how much you’d save, if anything. Just remember to buy things from brick-and-mortar stores every so often to keep them running!

4. Compare Prices on Amazon & eBay – Barcode Scanner

If you’re not shy about buying items secondhand, you should try the Amazon & eBay Barcode Scanner app. Just scan an item in, and you’ll see all the posts on eBay selling that item. This is a great way to check if you can make a big savings by buying something secondhand.

Barcode App Compare

The app also shows you the Amazon search for the product for quick price comparisons. The eBay and Amazon listings are both shown on either end of the screen, so you can browse both at the same time to properly compare the prices.

5. Out of Milk

Barcode App Milk

If you hate writing out the groceries list every time you go shopping, why not scan it instead? Out of Milk is an app that can scan barcodes and adds the result to a list. Simply scan the item you want more of and let the app create the list for you. You can even scan items you see in the store as a reminder to buy them next time you visit.

The Best Scanners Bar None

People download barcode scanner apps for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re doing price research or just filling up your grocery list, there’s a scanner available for everyone. What do you plan on using a barcode scanner for? Let us know below.

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