Best Apps of Macworld 2012

Macworld 2012 was held during the last week of January. The conference involved many changes when compared to the previous Macworld conferences. For example, the conference now has a name change, from Macworld to Macworld – iWorld. This shows the conference’s focus will be a lot more on the growing iDevice market. In the beginning, the conference was Mac centered. Now, with mobile being a hit with application companies jumping board on many great apps, the conference now realizes the importance of iOS. Today, we’ll take a look at some of Macworld | iWorld’s best applications.

Tour Wrist


Tour Wrist is a favorite of Macworld 2012. The application allows you to view panoramic views of various locations, all on your iPad and iPhone. From a hotel tour to being atop the Grand Canyon, Tour Wrist is a very fun application that shows a lot of potential as well. You can also add to Tour Wrist with your own content, making it an ever-evolving app with fresh information and panoramic views. Tour Wrist offers beautiful images that can be shared on various social networking websites. Best of all, Tour Wrist for iPhone and iPad is free on App Store.



Stop Motion is a video making past time for many people. Now, this fun video art is available on an iPad with iStopMotion. The application offers you with the landscape for creating the stop animation movie. iStopMotion movies can be saved on your camera roll and can also be posted to YouTube. The features that iStopMotion offers includes an overlay, which makes it easy to have a clean transition from your previous frame. iStopMotion is available for $5, and is available for iPad and iPhone models. The iPhone model does not have the overlay feature.



PocketInformantHD is the application that allows you to see all that you have to do for the day, in one place. The application, different from other applications, pulls information from all parts of your iPad. This makes it your information hub, your mobile informant, for everything you have to get done. From your iPad contacts to the calendar events in your iCal, everything you need to find is found in PocketInformantHD. The application allows for various calendar views as well as Google Calendar support. PocketInformantHD is available for $14.99 on the App Store. PocketInformantHD is available for iPad devices only.

MacPractice Clipboard


MacPractice Clipboard won’t be on my device, but it’s something I feel we should all find ourselves using sometime soon. MacPractice Clipboard makes you only have to fill out the new information needed, instead of filling out long forms. There are some issues that should be considered, including medical privacy and iPad availability. Once MacPractice Clipboard goes public, we can see the developer of the app to be a big name in app development. The medical industry going digital could be as much of an issue as the educational sector doing so. This application is one I’m quite excited about.



Not a lot of recipe applications these days seem to be the complete fit for the aspiring chef in us all. Some offer great instructions but horrible choices. Others offer amazing recipes, but you may feel lost past step three. Appetites for iPhone hopes to offer great recipes, at dead simple step-by-step instructions that are almost fool proof. Take it as if Appetities is your inexpensive cooking class you can take anywhere. The application offers informative videos that make each recipe a breeze. If you want additional recipes, more are available that range from $0.99 to $1.99. Appetites costs $4.99.

Splashtop Presenter


If you have ever found yourself having to present a presentation, there are many instances that can go wrong. From a malfunction to multimedia not being supported on the system, powerpoints can sometimes not go well. However, without a clicker, one of the most hangups about presentations has to continually click for the next slide. Splashtop offers many features that create an interactive and easy presentation. You can control the slides; annotate each slide, and more with Splashtop. All you have to be is under the same WiFi signal. Splashtop is capable with Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more. Splashtop Presenter is available for the iPad at $19.99 on the App Store.

Abvio – Cyclemeter, Runmeter, Walkmeter


Abvio showed off three applications at Macworld 2012 this year. The first is Cyclemeter, allowing you to track the distance and time of your bicycle ride. You can find out speed and calories burnt from your bike ride, in the application as well. If you want to know how well you are doing, Cyclemeter can give audio announcements as you go on with your work out. You can view and improve your previous stats and even share on social networking websites, making it perfect for noting your progress.

Runmeter offers the same features as Cyclemeter, with a focus on running. Whether you are getting in shape or preparing for a marathon, Runmeter can be the application that helps with creating a worthwhile running experience. Walkmeter, with a focus on walking, allows you to view your stats focused on walking as well. All applications have the ability to see the map of your run as well. The Abvio applications are each available for $4.99 on the App Store. They all have support for iPhone and iPad.

Game Your Video


Very few people find video editing to be fun. Most individuals find it to be a process of video making that they’d rather live without. While there are many applications out there that promise easy editing, or even editing your video for you, very few make well on that promise. Game Your Video hopes to change the reputation that mobile video editing applications are bad. Game Your Video allows you to add the effects as you watch the video. You can spice up the video, add slow motion, and add filters to create a great product. Game Your Video is available for $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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