5 of the Best Mobile Apps to Automatically Create Video Clips from Your Photos

Video editing can be expensive, time consuming and come with a steep learning curve. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that make splicing photos together to create video clips quick, easy and hassle-free.

1. Google Photos

Many of you already use Google Photos (Android, iOS), and for good reason. Google Photos boasts a great photo management interface, coupled with free unlimited storage (provided you don’t mind a little compression). In addition, Google Photos can automatically create slideshows and animations from your pictures. These slideshows revolve around special occasions or recent trips, with Google automatically selecting the photos based on data like location. While they were cool, users did not have the ability to manually select which photos they wanted to include in the slideshows. Until now.


Early in 2018,¬†Google overhauled the app’s capabilities. This update allows users to create movies on demand. Users can select a theme like “Mother’s Day”, “Selfie” and “Doggie” to name a few, then they identify who should star in the production. Google Photos will automatically try and find the best photos and video clips. Furthermore, the app even sets your videos to music!

2. Magisto

Magisto (Android, iOS) markets itself as an intelligent editor that makes movie-making simple. Users just choose the style of film they think best suits their photos or footage. This helps Magisto determine your audience and purpose. For instance Magisto will structure clips differently in a promotional video meant for social media compared to a wedding. Once the video style is chosen, users select which video clips or photos they want to appear in their film. Finally, users choose which music they want to use as a soundtrack.


Users then sit back and relax as Magisto works its magic. Magisto is super-easy to use, making it perfect for people who have no prior editing experience. Furthermore, Magisto boasts social media integration for you to easily share your clips online. Unfortunately, Magisto does offer a premium version which lifts some of the restrictions found in the freebie, most notably the ability to download your clips to play back on other devices such as a PC or TV.

3. Storyo

Back in the days before the internet, folks used to break out a slide projector to subject their family and friends to their amateur photography skills. With the advent of the Internet, photo sharing has become a lot easier. Furthermore, with digital photography, people no longer have to worry about a finite supply of camera film. This allows people to snap pictures with reckless abandon. Unfortunately, this means that people’s online photo albums can be full of duplicate pictures and boring photos. If you travel and want to create something eye catching and impressive, Storyo (Android, iOS) might be what you’re looking for.


Storyo automatically creates beautiful slideshows from your pictures and video clips, just like the other apps on this list. The difference is that Storyo will analyze your pictures and videos and identify their time-stamps and location tags. With this metadata, Storyo can automatically search your photos and create beautiful slideshows and video collages that revolve around a specific time or place.

4. Quik

The name of this app should give you an idea of what to expect. Quik (Android, iOS) from GoPro is all about creating impressive video clips fast. All users need to do is select the photos and videos they want to use in their creation. If the footage was captured with a GoPro camera, Quik will analyze those clips for smiles, faces, cheering, speed and more to highlight the best moments and ensure they appear in your video. Alternatively, if the footage was captured by something other than a GoPro (e.g. phone), users can manually select which moments they want the video to feature.


Quik also allows users to apply filters to their footage, as well as overlay text and stickers. Furthermore, Quik features a library of 100 songs to use as a soundtrack for your completed project. If you can’t find a track that appeals to you, users have the ability to upload a song from their own collection. Quik also features social media integration for easy sharing, and the ability to download your clips in full HD.

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

For those who want the option of a more full featured video editor, look no further than Premiere Clip (Android, iOS) from Adobe. Premiere Clip features an automatic video creation tool where users can choose a soundtrack and set the pace of the video. Premiere Clip will then set your photos to the beat of the music. Users can choose from music from stock soundtracks or upload their own. Additionally, Premiere Clip offers social media integration to easily share online.


Furthermore, when you have more time, Premiere features a powerful manual editor. Users set clips on a timeline where they can trim clips and add visual adjustments like transitions and other effects. In addition, videos made with Premiere Clip can be opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This allows users to begin editing on the go and polish their video even further with more powerful software.

Have you tried editing video clips or creating photo slideshows on your phone? Which app would you recommend for the job? Let us know in the comments!