5 of the Best Apple Watch Face Apps

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Featured

One of the best aspects of Apple Watch is the ability to customize your watch face. Should you want to show off your favorite color or TV show right on your watch, there is an app that can help. Here are some of the best apps to keep your Apple Watch face looking fresh.

1. Facer

With thousands of options available, Facer is one of the best known names in the Apple Watch face space.

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Facer

Backed by a huge user community, there are literally thousands of original designs ranging from small wallpaper changes to complete overhauls of the background, complications and more. The built-in editor makes it easy to design your own watch face either online or via the iOS app. One of the biggest benefits is its partnership for officially licensed watch faces from popular brands like Tetris, Ghostbusters, Garfield, MVMT, and Star Trek. That adds up to a really great selection of watch faces you likely won’t find anywhere else.

2. Buddywatch

The self described “Apple Watch stylist.” Buddywatch is another outstanding app for finding a new Apple Watch face. Well-designed and easy to navigate, Buddywatch loads right into its home screen, where you can find the latest additions to the app. Scrolling through this list, you will find a host of options that are not only beautiful watch faces but also recommendations for the right watch band to pair with the watch face. Once you locate an Apple Watch band you want to use, clicking on the “Download” button kicks you right over to the Apple Watch app where you can further personalize the face.

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Buddywatch

Should you need any additional complications to complete the watch face, Buddywatch alerts you to which apps you will need, which is a nice touch. Heading to the search button allows you to search through a variety of face categories including casual, classy, health, sport and essential to narrow your search. You can also do the same for the watch model so that you can differentiate between what will fit on the Apple Watch 3 versus the larger screens on the later Apple Watch models. Along with the app, Buddywatch also hosts a somewhat minimal website where you can see all of the same results but on a much larger screen.

3. Watchfacely

Watchfacely is a joy to use in the search for your next Apple Watch face. Immediately upon opening the app, you are shown the most popular watch faces for the week. If none of those faces suit you, keep scrolling down where you will see the newest additions to the app. There’s a handful to scroll through until you tap on “View All” where you are shown a seemingly endless list of options. Everything from country flags to wallpaper backgrounds to customized takes of the Nike watch face are just a glimpse at what kind of watch faces you will discover.

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Watchfacely

Last but not least is the “Featured Collection,” which includes an option for Simple (think minimal) “hoist your colors” for country flags and Maximize Your Space for watch faces full of complications. If you go back to the home screen and look right below “Popular This Week,” you can see different hashtags for various watch face categories. Like the “Featured Collection,” there is an option for #compact, #simple, #hustle, #solar, #memoji and so many more. Watchfacely makes it easy to drop into a Watch Face well and stay there for hours until you find that absolute must-have face.

4. MobyFace

With new content added weekly and strong partnerships that grab you right from the start, it’s easy to see why MobyFace is well rated. While the app gets all of the attention, the MobyFace website is actually a really great starting point with its own video series on how to download and install Apple Watch faces. This is a big differentiator that helps set this app apart from the rest of the recommendations on this list. That it also loads right up to Star Wars and The Mandalorian is another big hook.

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Mobyface

If Star Wars isn’t your preference, don’t worry, as there is no shortage of options, including Retro, NASA, Art, Nature, Seasons, and more categories. Each of these categories has dozens, if not hundreds, of watch face options to choose from. There really is something for everyone. While a good number of the watch faces do require a small cost of around $1.99 to fully unlock the app, it’s a small price to pay for how frequently you can switch back and forth between different faces.

5. Watchsmith

Watchsmith has a different approach than the apps mentioned above. With this app, the focus is on making your own complications that can dynamically change throughout the day. For example, you can start the day off by seeing the weather and then change to show you your calendar later in the morning. The app already includes a set of highly-customizable complications ranging in function from date to weather to astronomy.

Best Apple Watch Face Apps Watchsmith

You can personalize, customize and make them your own as often or as infrequently as you like. Once you find the right mix of complications, you are essentially tweaking existing watch faces, but in a way, Apple doesn’t include by default. The usefulness of Watchsmith cannot be understated for anyone who values the use of complications as a way to see reminders, schedule, weather, etc. The app itself is free to use, but there is a subscription required for access to the full-feature set.

Final Thoughts

Until the day Apple opens up the Apple Watch to true third-party watch faces, apps like the ones mentioned here are the next best thing. That said, developers are stretching the limits of what is possible, and the result is some incredibly creative watch face designs and customization.


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