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Most people tend to put a wallet in their back pocket. It may be convenient, but it also makes it easier for pickpockets to steal. The best solution would be to move your wallet to the front or leave it in your handbag, but that’s not always practical.

But if it gets stolen, you’ll have a tough time tracking it down – unless you have an Apple AirTag inside. While the small Bluetooth tracking gadgets aren’t included in the wallets (you’ll have to buy one separately), you can easily slot it into a specially-designed wallet that ensures you’ll always know where your wallet is.

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1. ElevationLab TagVault

Price: $9.95

A significant problem with AirTags is their size. It may seem small compared to other gadgets, but slipping it into a confined space can create an unsightly (and uncomfortable) bump. The TagVault Wallet Holder addresses this by making the flexible plastic holder as thin as possible.



  • Made from bendable plastic
  • No additional thickness added to the AirTag
  • Easily slips into a card slot


  • May not fit in all wallet slots
  • Can be difficult to remove from the wallet

2. Walldo Slim Wallet with AirTag Holder

Price: $90

The Walldo Slim Wallet with AirTag Holder is a premium leather credit card holder with a small opening in the pocket. Easily pop the Apple AirTag into the slot from the inside for it to be held in place through a raised window on the back. It also has a cutout window for you to easily see the Apple logo.

Walldo Slim Wallet With With Airtag Holder
Image source: Amazon


  • Minimalist design with no clasps or buckles
  • Soft-touch RFID blocking lining
  • Holds up to six bank cards


  • Intended for front-pocket use
  • AirTag’s bulge is somewhat prominent
  • Not available in synthetic leather

3. Typcase Leather Wallet with Stealth Pocket

Price: $29.97

Made from genuine cow leather, the Typcase Leather Wallet with Stealth Pocket is a bifold wallet that opens horizontally in the middle. The right half has enough slots for up to 10 bank cards, and the left side has a windowed pocket for a driver’s license or ID. The primary feature is two pockets that will hold AirTags. One is hidden in the top corner, while the other slot makes the Apple logo visible in the bottom corner.

Typcase Leather Wallet With Stealth Pocket


  • Has an RFID-blocking lining
  • No visible bulging from AirTag
  • Available in eight colors


  • Dimensions (4" x 3.7") could be too big for some
  • No clasp to keep the wallet closed

4. Hawanik Front Pocket Wallet with AirTag Holder

Price: $11.99

If you are looking for a minimalist front-pocket wallet that can hold an AirTag, this gadget is perfect. The Hawanik Front Pocket Wallet with AirTag Holder is made from synthetic leather and measures 3.3 inches x 4.1 inches. It has three slots for credit cards, a bill divider, and a window for a driver’s license. The holder for the AirTag is closed with a small clasp and has a cutout for the Apple logo.

Hawanik Front Pocket Wallet With Airtag Holder


  • Comes in various colors
  • Perfect for front pockets
  • Has a snap closure for the bill divider


  • Not as durable as genuine leather
  • Doesn’t have a pouch for coins

5. WXM Carbon Fiber AirTag Wallet

Price: $29.99

This is the best AirTag wallet for pinpoint tracking with near-indestructible protection. The WXM Carbon Fiber AirTag Wallet is made from military-grade carbon fiber materials and framed in aluminum alloy, ensuring the AirTag and your cash stay safe. With several slots, this lightweight wallet can hold up to 15 bank cards and has a money clip for bills on the outside.

Wxm Carbon Fiber Airtag Wallet


  • Ultra-durable
  • Has an RFID-blocking lining
  • Available in seven designs to suit your style


  • Can be too bulky for some
  • Inserting and removing the Apple AirTag is challenging
  • Requires a screwdriver to open

6. Spigen Wallet S

Price: $29.99

While the company is perhaps best known for its protective mobile phone covers, the Spigen Wallet S is built to keep your money safe and trackable. It holds up to 12 bank cards, has an elastic band around the outside with non-slip studs for some bills and is made from durable plastic. A dedicated portion for the AirTag securely clips into the wallet’s interior.

Spigen Wallet S


  • The elastic band has a sturdy buckle to keep the wallet closed
  • Has RFID-blocking properties
  • Lightweight and robust


  • Cash bills are visible and only a few can be accommodated
  • Will be bulky when 12 cards are inserted
  • Apple AirTag is inserted backward

7. HLHGR Honeycomb AirTag Holder

Price: $8.49

If you don’t want to use a specific wallet for your AirTag, the HLHGR Honeycomb AirTag Holder is a great alternative. Instead of the AirTag being inserted into the lining of the wallet, it's placed into the plastic honeycomb holder. Just slot it into your wallet and keep track of it on your phone.

Hlhgr Airtag
Image source: Amazon


  • Lightweight and hardly noticeable
  • More affordable than an entire AirTag wallet
  • About the size of a credit card


  • Doesn’t offer protection for the AirTag
  • No RFID-blocking layers
  • Could snap if it's bent while sitting on it

8. Lumberjack Plaid AirTag Wallet

Price: $29.99

Made from stylish, distressed genuine leather, the Lumberjack Plaid AirTag Wallet is the perfect accessory for a night out on the town. The Apple AirTag fits neatly into a dedicated compartment on the outside that’s closed with a small clip. On the inside is a window for a driver’s license that holds about seven bank cards.

Lumberjack Plaid Airtag Wallet


  • Pull tab to access cards without opening the wallet
  • Bifold design with a bill divider
  • Built-in RFID protection


  • Not available in synthetic leather options
  • The clip could open if you take your wallet out of your pocket

9. Vulkit Card Wallet with Airtag Holder

Price: $29.99

The bifold Vulkit Card Wallet with Airtag Holder is a stylish wallet with a windowed compartment for an identification card, a pop-up card case that holds up to ten bank cards, and a slot for bills. The AirTag isn’t built into the wallet but slots into a small outside pouch connected to a loop with a keyring.

Vulkit Card Wallet With Airtag Holder


  • AirTag easily removable
  • Has leather lining with a magnetic closure
  • Easy to clean with a dry cloth


  • Bulkier than other options, measuring 0.79" thick
  • AirTag keyring doesn’t lock
  • Not suitable for front pockets

10. Berxoeti Aluminum Wallet with AirTag Holder

Price: $25.99

If you require maximum protection for your bank card while tracking your wallet, the Berxoeti Aluminum Wallet with AirTag Holder is an excellent choice. The backing is made from premium aluminum metal, and the robust plastic AirTag holder clips onto it. In the front, there is a clear, full-length polycarbonate slot for an identification or access card.

Berxoeti Aluminum Wallet With Airtag Holder


  • Card slot doesn’t interfere with RFID
  • Internal compartment safely stores up to 15 bank cards
  • Can be attached to keys or other loose objects


  • No space for cash bills
  • While robust, it’s also rigid
  • Only available in one color

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Putting an Apple AirTag into your wallet can be a lifesaver when you misplace it, but you'll have to weigh the options between a bulkier wallet or losing your cash and cards. In theory, it seems like an easy choice, but how often have you lost your wallet? If it's happened to you more times than you're willing to admit, these are essential accessories for your peace of mind. However, if someone steals your wallet, there is a good chance they'll take the cash and bump the tracker, which will still leave you cash and cardless.

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