4 of the Best App Locks and Lockers for Android

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We fill our smartphones full of our most critically sensitive data, from private photos to important messages. App lockers add extra protection to your Android devices, locking them down and securing them from others.

Not all app locks and lockers for Android are worth installing, however. Some are scammy, ad-filled, and insecure. To make sure you’re protected the right way, here are four of the best app lockers for Android.

1. Norton App Lock

If you’re looking for an app locker from a major security provider, Norton App Lock is going to be the best choice for you. Symantec, the company behind Norton, has been in the tech security game since 1982.

Best Android App Locker Nortonapplock

Like all good app lockers, Norton App Lock’s primary focus is protecting individual apps from unauthorized access. Multiple security methods are available. You can lock your apps with a PIN code or a pattern lock. It also supports fingerprint security, if your Android device has a fingerprint reader.

You can also lock down your photos and secure your social networking apps, as well as install parental controls on devices used by younger users. One neat feature is Norton’s anti-theft protection, which will take a photo when somebody fails three times to unlock your device.

Norton App Lock has over one million installations and is completely free – no in-app purchases are necessary.

2. App Lock by Keepsafe

Over five million users trust Keepsafe, the developer of various security-focused apps, with the protection of their apps from the imaginatively-named App Lock. The interface behind App Lock makes it one of the simplest and most appealing app locker apps to use on Android devices, which helps to explain its popularity.

Best Android App Locker Keepsafe Applock

This app locker includes PIN and pattern lock, alongside fingerprint locking. It separates your apps into locked and unlocked sections, as well as an overall section for all of your apps, to help you keep track of which apps you’ve secured. You simply toggle which apps you want to lock to activate the protection.

If you’re worried about your kids, Keepsafe’s parental controls help to lock down or remove certain apps. It also prevents any unauthorized transactions linked to your Google account.

App Lock does come with ads, but you can pay a $0.99 in-app purchase to remove them.

3. App Locker by BGNMobi

As you’ll see, imaginative names aren’t the most important consideration for developers of Android app lockers. App Locker, by BGNMobi, is simply named but offers a few more tricks up its sleeve than its competitors.

Best Android App Locker Applocker

Much like the others, App Locker offers the bare minimum of PIN, pattern, and fingerprint locking for your apps. You can protect your system settings to protect your device, meaning that vital settings (like toggling your mobile data or Wi-Fi) can’t be changed without your permission.

Like Keepsafe’s App Lock, it’ll also protect your device from unauthorized purchases. It’ll prevent apps from being uninstalled without permission. App Locker will even let you customize the app’s theme to better suit your phone design.

The base app is free, but some of the features are hidden behind in-app purchases. Removing ads, for instance, will set you back $3.49.

4. AppLock by DoMobile

If App Lock by Keepsafe doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps AppLock by DoMobile will. A cool 100 million users have installed this app, making it the most popular and well-known app locker for Android.

Best Android App Locker Domobile Applock

It protects your apps as well as you would expect, with password and pattern locking offered alongside fingerprint scans for relevant devices. It doesn’t just offer app locking, however.

If you’re looking to protect certain photos or videos, you can hide them completely from your phone with AppLock. They’ll appear instead in your private vault, accessible only within the AppLock app. There’s also a private browser within the app, giving you a safe space to browse the Internet without compromising your browser history.

You can also hide certain app notifications, stop setting changes, lock down your mobile data and Wi-Fi, and add extra protection with the “Advanced Protection” add-on app. This stops AppLock itself from being removed and removing your AppLock protection in the process.

Some features, like an ad-free experience, hiding AppLock, and adding anti-theft selfie protection (similar to Norton) require a “Premium” subscription, costing $0.99 a month, or $5.99 for the year.

Protect Your Android Apps

Extra security for your most important Android apps isn’t a bad thing. Installing one of these app lockers can protect your device from physical attempts to bypass your security in ways that a standard Android installation simply couldn’t.

Combine these with one of the best Android antivirus apps, and you’ll turbocharge your Android security. Let us know your own Android security tips in the comments below.

Image Credit: App Lock by Keepsafe via Google Play Store

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