4 of the Best Grocery Shopping List Apps for Android

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If you’re one of those people who doesn’t happen to have a scribble pad and pen handy each time you head out to shop, then you should probably think about the digital alternative: a shopping list app! These make it nice and easy to quickly enter things you need, cross them off as you collect them, and even save shopping lists so you don’t have to wing it each time you go out. They come with plenty of other features, too, like note-sharing and syncing across devices.

Here we’ve gathered the best shopping apps on Android, including one that’s baked right into the operating system!

1. Google Shopping List

Before looking at third-party apps, you should try the shopping list option integrated into Android.

Best Grocery Shopping List App Google Shopping List

You can open this by going through “Google Home app -> Account -> Settings -> Services -> Shopping list.” Or you can just go to Chrome on Android and type shoppinglist.google.com into the address bar. Assuming you’re signed into your Google account in Chrome, the shopping list app should open.

You can create multiple shopping lists using this app and share the list with anyone in your contacts. Just swipe right to check things off the list and swipe left to delete them. If you want this app accessible from your Android home screen, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of Chrome, then tap “Add to Home Screen” to create an icon.

2. Out of Milk

One of the longest-running and most established shopping list apps for Android is free and ad-supported, but mercifully the ads are restricted to a slim slither of screen. Given the amount of features you get here, that’s a small visual price to pay. If you choose to use the homescreen widget, then you won’t even come into contact with the ads.

Best Grocery Shopping List Apps Android Out Of Milk

Out of Milk lets you create multiple shopping lists, pantry lists and to-do lists. One of its best perks is the option to create recipe lists too, letting you create a repository of your favourite dishes that you can then tap into to see which ingredients you need for them. Lists are organised by food categories, and you can of course share them with friends.

3. ColorNote

Not actually a dedicated grocery shopping app, but still one of the best apps for quickly noting things down, then crossing them out as and when you need to. The crucial strength of ColorNote is speed of use, with your various colour-coded lists never being more than a couple of taps away.

Best Grocery Shopping List App Android Colornote

You can create as many lists as you like, share them with other people, and set up widgets so that you can actually see your entire shopping list from your Android home screen, which isn’t something offered by all competitors.

4. That Shopping List

Along similar lines to Out of Milk, That Shopping List is a smart shopping list app that makes jotting things down a cinch thanks to an auto-complete feature based on over 800 products. It remembers the products you enter into lists, making them easier to add into future lists, and you can, of course, save as many lists as you want.

Best Grocery Shopping List App Android That Shopping List

You can sync your lists across devices (though it works offline, too), and its bright colour-coded interface makes it pleasant and snappy to use.


These shopping list apps should just about cover everything you need from such an app on your Android phone. They’re instantly accessible, quick to use, and for a lot of people will be a viable alternative to the old pen-and-paper route.

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