Best Android Photo Apps to Take Your Social Media Snaps to the Next Level

Post processing can be incredibly time-consuming. With cameras capable of capturing stunning images built in to our phones and potentially limitless storage, many of us are becoming increasingly snap happy. With countless images to sort through, who has the time to spend hours editing their photos?

Fortunately, apps like Instagram have made the filter the go-to way of altering and enhancing images with minimal effort. The only problem is that everyone uses Instagram. If you’re interested in raising your social media game, you might want to consider some of the Android photo apps listed below. Each one offers unique features to enhance your photos not found in the more mainstream photo-editing apps.

1. Retrica

Have you tried every Instagram filter but find yourself always going back to the same one? When it comes to filters, Retrica is a breath of fresh air. In addition to a fresh set of beautiful filters, what sets Retrica apart from the rest is that you can apply the filters in real time. This means that you spend less time editing the photo after the fact and focus on capturing moments as they happen.


In addition, Retrica has tons of stickers and stamps to add personal flair to your photos. Furthermore, you can turn multiple shots into animated GIFs. Alternatively, there is an automated collage function which organizes multiple snaps into effortless collages.

2. Candy Camera


Are you a “selfie” addict? If so, you’re in luck. Candy Camera is a photo app designed specifically for those who are obsessed with the selfie. The app has tons of different “beautifying” filters that automates the work of a touch-up artist. With Candy Camera users can eliminate blemishes, wrinkles, red-eye and other imperfections with a single tap. Like Retrica, you can even apply a filter before the photo is taken, so you can test them in real time.

3. Vinci


If you’re looking for something a little different that is going to get people to stop and look at your photo when scrolling through their feed, consider installing Vinci. Vinci enables users to enhance their photos by applying filters based on different art styles. These filters mimic different art styles to make your photo look like a watercolor painting or a stained glass window. In addition, some of the filters even mimic the styles of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Wassily Kandisky.

4. Hypocam


Is black-and-white photography your thing? Look no further than Hypocam. The app offers manual control options and tools and effects curated specifically for black and white photos. The user interface takes a bit of time to get used to, but Hypocam excels at monochrome manipulation. The base app is free; however, there are in-app purchases like additional filter packs.

5. Little Photo


At first glance Little Photo seems like more of the same. It’s a simple photo app that allows you to apply various filters to your shots. The feature that sets Little Photo apart is the ability to “stack” filters on top of one another to create unique compositions. With seventy different filters available, the combinations are virtually endless.

6. Glitchr


Are you looking for something really unique? If so, you might want to consider Glitchr. This app takes its inspiration from various home computers from yesteryear and applies them to your photos. The filter selection isn’t huge, but you’re bound to find some interesting ones to liven up your Instagram. Glitchr includes filters that emulate the graphics of the Gameboy, Gameboy Camera, VHS tape, NES, old-style 3D Anaglyph, and ASCII. Once you’re done playing around, you can save the picture or share it to your favorite social network. Furthermore, the interface looks like the old-school Classic Mac OS!



Despite its massive popularity, if you’re over the age of twenty-five, you might not be familiar with VSCO. VSCO is a photo-editing app that is probably the closest competitor to Instagram. The app boasts unique filters based on different types of film stock. For instance, VSCO’s “P” series of filters emulate Polaroid film stock, and it’s “X” series of filters emulates the look of TriX black-and-white film stock. Furthermore, VSCO also has an integrated user community similar to Instagram.

Which apps do you rely on to lift your social media game? Did we forget to mention the ones that net you the most “likes?” Let us know in the comments!

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