5 of the Best Android Apps for NFL Fans

Football season is in full swing and teams are battling it out to make it to the Super Bowl. We all have our favorite team that we root for no matter what. Thanks to our smartphones, it’s a lot easier to keep up with everything that happens with our team and the NFL.

There are quite a few apps every NFL fan should have, and those are the ones that are listed below. The following NFL Android apps will keep you informed on everything there is to know about your favorite team.

1. 365 Scores

365 Scores can keep you informed on ten different sports (including the NFL). The app gives you access to info on events from MLB, NHL, La Liga, Super Bowl, World Cup and more. You’ll be up to date on things such as the schedule, lineup, stats, scores, news, and highlights.


There are also videos on the teams you want to keep up with and social updates. You can also choose between a dark and light theme to give it style. Thanks to the sports messenger, you can also share tweets, news, videos and more.

2. NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is a feature-rich app that will do a great job of keeping you informed. You can watch videos such as game previews, full-game highlights, fantasy football, countdowns and more. Access top stories on your favorite team as well as NFL standings.


Get scores on past games and game schedules all the way up to week 17. You can even see game scores from 2011 to present. In Settings you can access Fantasy Football, NFL Game Pass, and can also buy NFL merchandise at the NFL Shop.

NFL Mobile can also send you alerts on things such as Breaking News, NFL Need to Know, Live Game Available and Live Programming Available.


ESPN had to be on the list since it is one of the most popular sports apps out there. It covers a variety of sports, including Football. The app also lets you watch live TV if you have a cable subscription, and you can access all types of information.


For example, you can get NFL schedules, news, scores, highlights, stats, and more. If you’re also a Fantasy Football fan, you can access that, too, from within the app. You can also access your favorite podcast, whether it’s new or not.

4. theScore

theScore also offers info on a variety of sports, including the NFL and NCAA Football. You can get info such as lineups, news, stats, scores, etc. It also features a sports calendar so you can check if your favorite team plays when you have that special dinner.


You can either follow individual players or teams. Get notifications on just about everything, and you can also share data such as stats with your friends. You can also enjoy live news coverage on all the sports it has to offer and videos that cover different NFL topics.

5. TuneIn Radio

With 100 million downloads and counting, TuneIn Radio is a must-have app for any NFL fan. You can hear various radio stations (more than 100,000) that talk about your favorite sport. There are different genres you can choose from such as comedy, talk radio, FM radio, and AM radio, and you can even listen in on live games.


The app even features an alarm you can set up so you won’t forget to listen. TuneIn Radio covers others sports as well such as MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, soccer and more.

TuneIn Radio also has a website where you can listen to any radio station, and you’re not obligated to create an account.  You can find radio stations either by what’s trending, language, or top podcasts.


Keeping up with your favorite team is as easy as ever thanks to these apps. You can even be the NFL expert among your friends. What NFL team is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know.

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