4 of the Best Android Gamepads for 2017

Android gaming is always growing, and even for those who aren’t interested in Android-exclusive games, there are people who like jumping on the Android emulation bandwagon. Regardless of which camp you fall into, chances are you would benefit from an Android gamepad, so keep reading!

What Should I Look for in an Android Gamepad?

First and foremost, something to actually hold your phone while you play. If you’re just going to play off a tablet stand or something, go the extra mile and just buy a wireless Bluetooth Xbox/PlayStation controller to use instead. Those will be better than anything on this list for that purpose and can be used with consoles and PCs as well.

Secondly, you want a solid D-pad for 2D games. This applies especially to those playing retro console emulators as an analog stick that just isn’t the same, and a poor D-pad is the stuff of literal nightmares.

Finally… portability. How portable it will be really just depends on your personal preferences, though.

Pretty Much a Console Controller: Moga Pro Power

Recommended for shooters and 3D/2D console emulation


The MOGA Pro Power, and the MOGA controllers in general, dominate the Android ecosystem.  This is due to a combination of factors, but mainly their incredibly-solid construction and the fact that they’re pretty much just console controllers that you’re already used to. For the lowest learning curve but second-worst portability, the Pro Power is a solid option to look at.

Making the Switch: PYRUS BTC-938

Recommended for shooters and 3D/2D console emulation


The PYRUS BTC-938 will be immediately reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch’s form factor, especially once you pop in your phone. Considering the success of the Switch, this isn’t a bad thing, but the bulky exterior of this product means that it isn’t very viable for putting into your pocket and, if carried around, will likely require a bag or case of its own. If you’re using a tablet or a large phone, though, this controller may be right for you.

Remembering the Vita: Bounabay WEE Controllers

Recommended for 2D emulation and some 3D games


The Bounabay WEE is fairly reminiscent of the PS Vita, and even though that console had a tragically short lifespan, it was an amazing portable device for its time. The WEE controllers come in various colors and boast dual analogs, providing a full console-like experience while still having a slim enough form factor to actually fit into a pocket (depending on the size of the phone, of course).

The form factor of this gamepad makes it ideal for retro console emulation, and the dual analogs are good enough for some 3D gaming, too.

On the PSP Go: iPEGA PG-9017S

Recommended for 2D emulation and games


The iPEGA PG-90175 is a diminutive little controller but offers a solid D-pad and face buttons that make it ideal for retro console emulation. Its analog nubs leave a lot to be desired, though, and aren’t generally recommended for long-term or high-precision use. If you’re emulating SNES titles, though, you’ll have a blast with this gamepad.


Ultimately, I feel like the best options on this list are the MOGA Pro Power and the Bounabay WEE Controllers. Go with the former if you want a near-authentic console controller experience, and go with the latter if you want true portability and great controls for your emulators. The iPEGA is too small for my tastes and the PYRUS too large, but if those catch your eye, you’re welcome to grab them instead.

Which of these controllers grabs your attention the most? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

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