5 of the Best Android Apps to Back Up Your Phone’s Data

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When was the last time your phone did something strange, and you thought it was about to die permanently? Pure panic, right? If you want to assure yourself you are not going to lose your data, you should take a look at these Android backup apps to back up your phone.

1. G Cloud

Despite the name, G Cloud is not part of Google.

G Cloud is an easy-to-use service specifically designed for backing up mobile devices. It allows you to choose which types of files to back up, and you can save just about anything from media files to call logs. You can even back up video files, which is not the case with many other Android backup apps.

Android Backup Apps Gcloud

G Cloud saves your phone settings like your ringtone, wallpaper, and connection settings, making it easy to restore your phone to its most recent state.

Using the free version of G Cloud gives you 1GB of backup space, but you can earn up to 10GB by completing simple activities or referring people to the service. The paid version ($3.99) has unlimited storage.

2. Super Backup

Super Backup is a backup app to use with rooted and non-rooted phones. It allows you to store your phone data, including your SMS messages. If your Android is rooted, it saves phone settings and applications too.

Android Backup Apps Super Backup

The app has the option of saving backup files to the SD card, your phone’s internal storage, or your computer. Another feature is the option of sending data via Gmail or storing it on Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms.

Notable features of this app include the ability to choose the folder where your data is saved. It has automatic backups and shows the time and date of the last backup on your phone.

On a new phone use Super Backup to completely restore the data from your old phone to the new one. Just download the app and use the Restore option.

Super Backup is full of features in the free version, but the premium version ($1.99) gets rid of all the ads.

3. Helium

Helium is a lightweight app with a size less than 5MB. It works in both root and non-root mode. If the device is not rooted, it needs the PC version or the Chrome extension to run.

Android Backup Apps Helium

Upon opening the app it will ask if you want to enable support for Google Drive. This is not required if you plan to save your data to your computer or the phone’s SD drive.

With Helium you can move contacts from one phone to another, even if they are not on the same network. It can also sync app data.

The free version of this app has excellent features, but if you want cloud uploading of backups or backup scheduling, you need the paid version. Upgrading ($4.99) also removes the ads.

4. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup works only on rooted devices, making it a full-featured app with the most options. Its frequent updates keep it working smoothly.

Android Backup Apps Titanium

This app has unlimited storage capacity, backup, and restoration, as well as the ability to remove bloatware and app hibernation. Its convenient batch actions automate many common tasks. It backs up the applications in your device with their data, and when you use the restore feature, it brings your phone right back to the state it was in before.

Titanium is great for people who frequently install custom ROMs on their devices because you don’t have to install and set up apps repeatedly.

The Pro version ($5.99) has more features like 1-click batch restore and syncing to cloud storage.

5. Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile backs up your apps, system settings, SMS, MMS, and call logs, and is for rooted and regular Android users. Rooted users can back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other system settings.

Android Backup Apps Backup Your Mobile

Schedule backups to run automatically to store your data locally, or upload the information to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

This app is completely free.

To have peace of mind, users of all technology need to remember just how important it is to back up the information stored in your devices. There are many other apps out there capable of similar tasks if none of these appeal to you. What backup apps have you used for your Android?

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