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Android Auto is quickly becoming a name closely associated with automobiles. It is your hands-free solution for enjoying a host of Android apps in your car, negating the hassle of operating your phone while driving. Android Auto is a Google app that provides the option of using your phone’s app in a car. The good thing is that Android Auto isn’t the only service of its kind. There are a bunch of similar apps that you can also use\ in your car. Here are the best Android Auto alternatives.

1. AutoMate

AutoMate is one of the best alternatives to Android Auto. The app has an easy-to-use and clean user interface. The app is pretty similar to Android Auto, though it comes with more features and customization options than Android Auto.


AutoMate allows you to place a call either by using your voice or tapping the number, send messages, etc. Moreover, you can also play music using just voice commands. The GPS functionality is also great on AutoMate, and you can easily navigate to your desired location using voice commands.

The dashboard shows a speedometer, weather updates, media controls, shortcuts to your widgets, etc. The premium version of the app unlocks hands-free gestures, traffic camera alerts, customization wallpapers, and more.

2. AutoZen

AutoZen is another of the top-rated Android Auto alternatives. It makes use of voice commands for certain tasks, such as calling your contacts, checking the weather, setting up navigation, controling your favorite music player, and more.


Additionally, you can use your voice to reply to messages while continuing your focus on the road. The app shows turn-by-turn navigation, speed cameras and alerts, and speed limits available on the map. It also allows you to do such things as customize the app drawer.

You can access your calendar events with a single tap. There are several other options you can customize to your preferences. Notably, the app also has light and dark theme options as well.

3. Drivemode

Drivemode focuses more on providing important features instead of giving a host of unnecessary features. It allows users to use their voice to answer or make calls, control music, reply to messages, and more.


The “Do Not Disturb” mode lets you ignore calls or messages and focus on the road. You can configure the Drivemode app to automatically launch when you start driving, which is pretty nifty!

All in all, you can integrate many of your favorite apps with Drivemode’s interface, including navigation apps, music apps, messaging apps, and voice assistant apps, to make your driving distraction-free and more convenient.

4. Waze

The Waze navigation app stands right behind Google Maps in popularity. It is one of the reliable navigation apps that is used by millions across the globe. The app gives you real-time information about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more. The app smartly changes the route if it detects traffic in your direction. Waze is easy to use and provides various customization options.


For instance, you can enable the speedometer and speed limit features from the Settings menu. The app also keeps you updated about the toll costs on your route and your ETA and also shows the cheapest gas stations along your route, which is very convenient.

You can also play your favorite songs using your favorite music app right from the Waze app. Bored with the same voice of the assistant? You can change to one of a variety of voices to guide you while you take the steering wheel.

5. Car Dashdroid

You can make use of Car Dashdroid as a car home-screen replacement to give it a fresh new appeal. Car Dashdroid gives you quick access to popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. You can also reply to incoming messages with your voice without touching your phone.

Car Dashdroid

Personalize the app homescreen with your favorite apps and also change the theme of the dash screen to give it a personal touch. The Car Mode, when activated, offers huge icons, a group apps folder, intuitive music controls, a speedometer, a compass, and much more.

The dashboard also shows you the current weather, temperature, battery, etc. You can set up over 40 shortcuts that include directions to a particular place, opening a specific playlist, or sending a pre-written message.

Wrapping Up

If you are not keen on using Android Auto, the above apps are good Android Auto alternatives that you can use. Alternatively, you can also add more apps to Android Auto to make it more useful.


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