Best Android Apps You Can Use When You Are Offline

Most of the popular apps we use on our smartphones require a stable Internet connection, but depending on your location you may not always have access to the Internet. That said, you should download some handy offline apps to help you when there is no Internet connection available.

There are many Android apps that work completely offline or only require periodic connection to sync data. In this article we introduce five Android apps that will help you when the Internet quits on you.

1. Pocket – Save Content to View Offline

Pocket is probably the best read-it-later app that makes it a snap to save articles and videos to view offline later. Just save the content to Pocket, and it will be synced to all of your devices with Pocket installed. You can then view the content offline from any device. It supports content on both web pages and popular apps like Twitter, Facebook and Feedly, etc. It also cleans up the content and makes it easier to read without distractions.


Pocket also has a paid subscription ($44.99/year) that offers additional features and unlimited content storage. Plus features include ability to listen to the content, no ads, permanently saved data and more powerful search features.

2. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps and Navigation

Google Maps works fine for maps and navigation needs, but it doesn’t do a great job when it comes to offline navigation. HERE WeGo is one of the best Google Maps alternatives that offers amazing features with complete offline access. Unlike Google Maps, HERE WeGo lets you download a map of a whole country along with turn-by-turn navigation. If you are going to a location with no data coverage, then HERE WeGo is the best offline navigation app.

Best-Offline-Android-Apps-Here WeGo

Apart from amazing offline coverage, it also comes with real-time traffic and road condition reports to help choose the quickest way to get to your destination. Furthermore, it has partnered with companies like TripAdvisor, Car2Go, BlaBlaCar and some more to guide you about your surroundings and to take advantage of these services right from the HERE WeGo app.

3. PlayerFM – Listen to Podcasts Offline

If you love podcasts, then this is the best podcast app for you. All you have to do is tell PlayerFM which topics you are interested in (out of 500+), and it will show you a full list of podcasts you can subscribe to. You can subscribe to be updated all the time and also create playlists to listen to the podcasts offline. Additionally, you can tell PlayerFM to automatically save specific podcasts for offline listening, and it will do it without your intervention.


PlayerFM also syncs your preferences and offline playlists between your PC and Android phone to make it easier to listen to podcasts on both devices. And I must say the PlayerFM interface is astonishingly interactive and highly customizable.

4. Kiwix – Whole Wikipedia in your Pocket

Kiwix is an offline reader that downloads the whole Wikipedia database for offline use. You can download the Wikipedia data right from the Kiwix website and use it wherever you like. On top of that, it also supports other Wikis including Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikisource, Wikivoyage and more. All of this data can be in your palm with the help of Kiwix app.


Of course the data file will be very large, but Kiwix lets you save the file in an external storage (SD Card) so your phone memory won’t have to suffer. Additionally, as the data is already in your phone, searching and navigation is very smooth and fast.

5. Financius – Manage Expenses Offline

Managing your expenses is really important, and Financius makes it a snap to track your expenses offline. You can easily track incoming and outgoing incomes. All you have to do is quickly enter gains and your spending, and Financius will show a complete picture of how things are going. You can add tags to transactions to remember how it went and create categories for your expenses.


Furthermore, you can manage multiple accounts, and multiple currency support makes it easier to manage expenses in your currency. You can back up all your data in the SD card or online in Google Drive to access it from another device.


There are many other apps that can offer their core features offline, and above are some of the most useful ones. I personally use Pocket and HERE WeGo for offline reading and navigation, although I am planning on keeping Kiwix with me for the amazing database. Which one of these offline apps do you like? Share with us in the comments.

Karrar Haider

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