Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

There are millions of applications in the Google Play store that it can be hard to find the apps you really need. It is always those popular applications that get the attention, but sometimes, they are just not what you need. If you are looking to get detailed information about different exercises and staying healthy, here are some of the best Android apps in the Health and Fitness genre.

Nike Training Club is a very handy Android application with over 100 custom-built workouts to help you stay in shape. The application provides you with step-by-step details about any exercise along with its video demonstration. You can also keep track of your entire workout history and training sessions which can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.


Price: Free

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If you are looking for a simple way to learn new exercises then Fitness Buddy is the application you need. The free version of this health and fitness app has more than 300 exercises with detailed instructions, animations and assortment of the workouts.


The application offers a paid version as well which offers more than 1700 exercises, HD videos, body metrics tracking and much more.

Price: Free, $1.99 for Pro Version

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This is one of my favorite apps for the Android devices. WebMD has a huge database of medical information that can help users get information about any disease, drug-related information, first aid essentials and more. The application has a symptoms checker that helps you to find out about any potential health condition based on your symptoms. You can even find information about any drug or supplement along with their side effects and warnings through this application.


Price: Free

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As my gym trainer used to say, eating healthy is as important as working out regularly. Fooducate helps users choose healthier foods by displaying nutritional information about the product. All you need to do is to scan the barcode using your camera and it will display all the positive/negative aspects of that products.


Fooducate has access to of 200,000 UPCs which can help you make healthier choices when you go grocery shopping.

Price: Free

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Calorie Counter is a must-have application for your android device if you are looking for a straightforward way to track your calorie intake. It has one of the largest databases of foods, with over 2,000,000 items. You can scan the items using your Android camera to get detailed information about the product.


The application also has a huge list of exercises and allows users to track your cardio and strength training. Goals in this application can be created based on your age, gender information and instructions from your doctor or nutritionist.

Price: Free

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Nike+ Running is a GPS tracking application that gives you information about distance traveled, speed and time for specific runs. A very useful feature of the application is that you can get in-ear cheers from your friends when you post about the run on Facebook. If you want, you can even tag other people who are running with you and share the route map with them. After completing a run, you can share the results on Facebook and Twitter.


Price: Free

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HealthTap allows users to get medical help from over 38000 professional doctors without even visiting a hospital.  It helps you get second opinions from other doctors, who can either agree or disagree with the opinion of the previous doctor. You can even schedule a meeting to meet the doctor in person and discuss your medical condition in detail.


Price: Free

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Some of the health and fitness apps mentioned above can be lifesavers when it comes to managing your workout routine or track your calorie intake per day. Which apps do you use to stay in shape? Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments below.