5 of the Best Android Alarm Clock Apps to Wake You Up

Best Android Alarm Clock Apps Featured

Waking up early in the morning can be an easy task for some, while others have to rely heavily on alarm clocks. In this modern world with many people sleeping with their phones near their beds, it is no surprise they are also using the built-in alarm clock app to wake them up. On the other hand, there are plenty of alarm clock applications you can use if you are looking for more features that are missing in the stock alarm clock app. Here are five of the best Android alarm clock apps you should check out.

1. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

As the name of the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app suggests, this app is for those who think they will wake up early but keep on dozing way past scheduled hours. The app is simple yet comes with many features, including support for Android Wear, sleep stats, and more.

Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers App

Notably, it allows the user to set an unlimited number of alarms, countdown alarms, recurring alarms, and one-time alarms. The Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is smart and very customizable. You can set the alarm within the app to wake you up slowly, naturally, gently as well as a loud alarm clock, especially for heavy sleepers.

Other features include uset challenges like math problems and other fun puzzles to prevent oversleeping. Since it is smart, it knows public holidays for your country. This prevents the alarm from waking you up on these days so that you can get more sleep. There is a paid version of the app that removes the ads.

2. Alarmy

Alarmy is a very popular third-party alarm clock application available on the Android Play Store. The Play Store description states that it is no. 1 in 97 countries. It touts itself as “the world’s most annoying alarm clock.”

Alarmy Alarm Clock App

It has a unique way of getting you out of your bed. While normal alarm clocks go off and can be snoozed by pressing any button, Alarmy adds an image of something in your house. The user needs to go to that specific spot and click a picture in order to stop the alarm. I already felt annoyed typing the previous sentence!!

There are several other features, such as temperature information, select background colors, alarm music, snooze, gradual volume increase, time pressure to dictate the exact time, a custom message every minute until you turn your alarm off, typing mission, step mission, and much more. Moreover, the app is ad-free.

3. AlarmMon

AlarmMon is a wonderful and easy-to-use alarm clock app for Android users. It can do all the basic operations like setting up unlimited alarms, set your choice of alarm tones, snooze instructions, etc. However, just like Alarmy, the AlarmMon app also has several games that you need to clear in order to turn off the alarm.

Alarmmon Android Alarm App

These games range from a noisy alarm, quiet alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, and idol band alarm. Apart from that, there are multiple cartoon characters to help get you out of your bed. You can also use the AlarmMon app for setting a news alarm, cooking alarm, weather broadcast alarm, etc.

The application is available for free from the Play Store. You can go ahead with the in-app purchases to download some extra features. It can also record your alarm history to keep track of your wake-up time and sleep habits.

4. Sleep as Android

Another popular Android alarm clock is the Sleep as Android app. The app analyzes your sleep and performs sleep cycle tracking with your phone or wearable’s sensors.

Sleep As Android App

The app also has great integration with Google Fit, Samsung S Health, Galaxy Gear, Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), and Spotify. Sleep as Android features sonar technology that performs sleep tracking using ultrasonic techniques so that you do not need to put your phone near your bed.

You can control your smart bulb with this app, get your sleep score, which includes duration, deficit, deep sleep percentage, snoring, efficiency, and irregularity. It features multiple alarm tones (birds, sea, storm), jet lag prevention, sleep talk recording, snoring detection, and plenty more.

5. Early Bird Alarm Clock

If you are bored with your alarm clock because it’s too basic, then the Early Bird Alarm Clock app is the one to go for. It includes features such as an infinite number of alarms, themes, alarm challenges, weather, and more.

Early Bird Alarm Clock App

The app sets different alarm tones every day, preventing you from ignoring the alarm because you’re too familiar with the sound. The app has alarm challenges like a combination of QR code, voice recognition, and typing to get up.

Early Bird Alarm Clock is also a talking clock that repeatedly tells the alarm time until the alarm is not snoozed. The free version of the app has ads, but you can get rid of them by purchasing the premium version of the app.

Wrapping Up

With these annoying alarm clock apps for Android, I am sure you will now wake up on time. If you prefer something simpler, you can try setting Spotify as your alarm clock so you can wake up to your favorite tunes.

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