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To many of us, it might seem that there is no real alternative to Amazon as it has come to symbolize ecommerce in the most powerful of ways. Without a doubt, it offers a robust range of merchandise combined with best user experience, prices, shipping and return policy. Then there is Amazon Prime subscription and a future around Internet of Things which makes Amazon appear downright unbeatable.

However, the truth is that there are several online stores that not only match Amazon in terms of scale and offerings, but also its seamless customer experience.

So before you start using “Amazon” as a verb for shopping, check out this handy list of ecommerce websites that are giving Jeff Bezos a run for his money.


Newegg is a great alternative if you’ve decided to move out of Amazon but still miss its features and products range. In fact, from tracking an order to checking your dashboard, there is hardly any feature that Newegg does not seem to have replicated. It supports localized sites and currencies worldwide and is attracting many retailers.

Newegg Look And Feel

They even seem to have matched Amazon’s display of similar product items at the bottom of each item. There are also product “wish lists,” “daily deals” and “marketplace spotlight.”

Newegg Compare Similar Items

Of course, they have a “premier” membership carrying a free 30-day trial along with options such as “free 3-day-or-sooner” expedited shipping.

Newegg Premier

When it comes to the actual products range, Newegg is certainly no poor cousin of Amazon. Originally an electronics vendor, Newegg carries thousands of items related to Internet of Things. The prices closely match what are offered on Amazon.

Newgg Raspberry Pi Kit Search

They sell everything under the sun not only in electronics but also gaming, automotive equipment, software, toys, and apparel.

2. Ali Express

AliExpress is Alibaba’s signature online store with a similar powerful range of offerings as Newegg. But it does not feel like an imitation of Amazon.

Aliexpress Homepage Appearance

You can search for the items just as with any other ecommerce websites. With AliExpress you get the backing of Alibaba’s global marketplace which can make prices on some products appear somewhat cheaper. The range of offerings on computer parts, electronic components and IoT products is quite extensive.

Aliexpress Search Results Raspberry Pi Boards

You get some amazing smartphone deals on AliExpress which makes it a really good alternative to Amazon.

Aliexpress Iphone Search

They also have a massive style section where you can pick up decent jewelry, clothing and shoes.

Jewelry Aliexpress

The apparel section at AliExpress returns a good selection for every search criteria you can imagine. It might feel more exhaustive than Amazon. And the prices are hard to resist.

Aliexpress Printed Tshirts

AliExpress is no rookie in the online store business. They offer similar refund and on-time delivery guarantees for the products as Amazon.

Buyer Protection Aliexpress

3. Walmart

If you live in the US, Walmart is perhaps the smartest alternative to Amazon. It carries an extensive range of products which are cost-competitive and seem endless. The best part is that unlike Amazon, you don’t have to suffer with multiple sellers and their unprofessional tactics. Each and every product is vetted by Walmart itself, which means the guarantees are slightly better.

Walmart Search Results Raspberry Pi

As discussed earlier, the product range for many items at Walmart are more extensive than Amazon. A search selection for “tire pressure gauge” offers far more results.

Walmart Search Results Tire Pressure Gauge

I could even find the complete collection of Frank Miller comics and its collective editions which I found more useful than Amazon’s results for similar searches.

Walmart Search Results Frank Miller Comics Img

One of the best features of Walmart is “Rollback” which makes several products become a steal if you keep track frequently.

Walmart Rollback Products

4. Rakuten

This Japanese online store is winning rave reviews for its minimalist interface and extensive products range. Rakuten has a different ecommerce model where products from different online stores are compared so that you can choose the cheapest option.

Rakuten Search Results

Some of the stores which support Rakuten include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Walgreens and Kohl’s. You don’t have to leave the Rakuten website to make a purchase as these stores are only used for fulfillment.

Rakuten Different Stores Similar Products

Almost all products that you need can be found in a relevant store. Rakuten is super-extensive and offers product returns and guarantees like any other store.

Rakuten Product Fulfillment

5. eBay

Rounding off the list, eBay is still a big competitive player in the ecommerce segment. It offers almost all products that Amazon does.


In Summary

Amazon is a decent online store which has redefined e-commerce in myriad ways. However, if someone still feels that they are the only option out there, as this list reveals, nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you have a favorite alternative to Amazon? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Amazon is the no-brainer, knee-jerk, turn-to option for online shopping just as Google is the no-brainer, knee-jerk, turn-to option for online searches, and just like WalMart was the no-brainer, knee-jerk, turn-to option for discount shopping 10-15 years ago. There are always other, and sometimes better, options if one just bothers to do little investigating.

    Speaking of Wally-World. Their prices can be beat and, because they are always trying to reduce their overhead, the quality of their merchandise suffers..

    1. “Amazon is the no-brainer, knee-jerk, turn-to option for online shopping.”

      It’s called convenience :) Still might be too early though before Amazon becomes a generic word for online shopping. I was having trouble with some of their sellers who sold me defective merchandise yet continue to enjoy high ratings. I distinctly remember one of them requesting me to withdraw my 1-star feedback as it hurt their KPIs. That was like the last straw and I have been looking for other options. Extremely satisfied with Newegg so far.

      1. “It’s called convenience :) ”
        Depends on what you value more – convenience or price. Amazon’s, just as WalMart’s, prices can be beat with a little research. EX. Many times Newegg’s prices beat Amazon’s on comparable items. And one does not have to be a member of any special clubs or groups.

  2. You need to be careful with Walmart as well, because the DO offer products from third party sellers. My wife bought some clothes that didn’t fit, so we took them back to Walmart where we learned they were not returnable at the store and could only be returned online directly to the 3rd party seller. With that seller’s return fee, they weren’t even worth returning. We’ve found some good deals there, but be sure to look for the “sold and shipped by Walmart? indicator and check any return policies.

  3. Amazon is outsourcing calls to the far east, costa rica, etc, all using VOIP. You try explaining a detailed return to them, with packet loss being what it is. It took them 1 month to refund 2300 USD to me due to a damaged tub, and a delivery company that refused to take it to my house ( outsourced from another delivery comany) Amazon told me to rent a truck and they would reimburse me, they didn’t. Their account management is a mess.

  4. This is great! Love the suggestion of aliexpress. Thinking about it, amazon isn’t union and isn’t paying taxes…I’d rather support Jack Ma than Jeff B.

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