MTE Explains: How To Become a YouTube Partner

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Anyone can upload a video to YouTube, but only YouTube partners can make money. This begs the logical question – how does your general YouTube user become a revenue generating partner?

What Is A YouTube Partner?

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YouTube partners are users who choose to monetize their accounts. They agree to allow YouTube to place ads inside or near their videos. They then make money depending on how many times people view their videos. Google will pay partners through an Adsense account, and how much money a partner makes varies according to a wide range of factors.

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While most Youtube partners use the money they receive as supplementary income, some are able to make a living from producing videos. If you’ve uploaded a video that went viral, but you haven’t yet monetized your account, you’re kind of out of luck. Becoming a partner makes sure no future views go to waste. You can then place ads on previously uploaded videos so that they can begin generating revenue as well.

How Do I Become A Partner?

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YouTube users who are curious about taking the step towards monetization can check their eligibility by heading over to YouTube’s Account Monetization page. There is an “Enable My Account” button that will, assuming you’re accepted, enable you to monetize your account. Eligibility depends largely upon which country you live in and whether you own the worldwide rights to the videos that you upload, including all of the sound effects and music that may be contained inside them. If you did not create all of the content yourself, you must be able to show written permission to distribute it. You must also abide by both YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. The latter bars you from uploading content that is sexually explicit, depicting real-world abuse, or is otherwise harmful. If any of your videos break these guidelines, they will be taken down. YouTube’s partnership criteria are available for anyone to see.

What Then?

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YouTube provides creators with a set of tools, guides, and general information they can use to get themselves off the ground and generate publicity. YouTube partners can upload banner art to give their channels unique looks, custom thumbnails, and longer videos. A newer perk is the ability to host a live hangout session. Other features are reserved for channels with more subscribers. Some can insert merch annotations, shows, rentals, and more live streaming. Not all features are available upon request. YouTube also provides all partners with a dashboard providing them with analytical data about their viewers and whether their ads are getting clicked.


YouTube partners were originally surrounded by mystery, as Google only invited select producers to be participants. The process has since opened up, and anyone with a following and complete rights to their content can become one. If you have a camera, the dedication needed to produce a show, and the perseverance necessary to gain a following, you can become a YouTube partner. If you already produce YouTube videos, do you think of it as a hobby or a job?

Bertel King, Jr.

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