How To Become A Remote Support Guru With TeamViewer

Remote support over the phone is an outdated form of computer assistance, and it can be extremely frustrating at times; for both parties. In recent times one of (if not) the best ways to help another person with their PC issues is through remote support. This is because the person using the remote support client does not have to be physically present at all, and they can gain complete and full control of the computer from the person who’s seeking for help.

With the use of TeamViewer you can now easily share desktops with the person who is in need of your help. You can show them how an application or software works, remove viruses/spyware, transfer or share files between your computers, or fix an issue with their PC.

To use the application, both you and the person receiving your help will need a user ID. Luckily, you can easily obtain the user ID after you’ve downloaded and installed your version of TeamViewer.


How it Works

Step One: You have to be logged into what’s called a session. In order for you to gain access to a PC, the user requiring your help will need to enter your TeamViewer ID and their password when prompted.


Your connection will be fully encrypted using an RSA private/public key, it will also utilize RC4 session encoding as well, so no need to worry on hacking and information interception on your behalf.

Step Two: Once you’ve entered your partners TeamViewer ID and their version is running on their PC then you just have to click on “Connect to Partner”.

teamviewer session

Step Three: As soon as you choose to connect to your partners PC and the connection is successful you will be taken to the following screen with similar features.


If you elect file transfer this is what your screen will look like:


Our Remote Access Journey Conclude

With this remote support application not only will you have full control over your partners computer, you will also be able to record all of your sessions, so that later it can used as tutorials or personal guides. You’ll be able to increase the quality or speed of your connection, control the amount of access you wish to grant to your desktop, and chat with the person who’s granted you access remotely.

TeamViewer is a simple yet very effective application that quickly and easily grants you access to a user’s computer. Share desktops with other users to share files, fix PC problems, add/remove programs, or remove viruses and unwanted applications in an instant. This version of TeamViewer is free, however if you wish to receive more functionality and access several other features then an upgraded version exists for a fee. This software can be installed on all current versions of Windows 95 and up, and it also supports Mac OS as well. Create secure sessions and always configure user’s desktops securely, with TeamViewer.

Joel Reyes

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