How To Be A Rocking Blogger With These Apps [Mac]

For casual blogger, writing a post on your blog is easy. You just have to fire up the browser and start typing on your blog’s text editor. However, if you are a full time blogger, especially in the technology field, you will know that writing posts involve more than just writing. You will need to brainstorm new article topics, take screenshots, edit the images and edit/review the articles. Most important of all, you need to hold yourself off all the attention-catching websites and emails that slow down your writing process. We have scouted and found a couple of applications that help solve those problems and more. Today, let’s take a look at how these five Mac applications can make you become the alpha writer on your website.

1. WriteRoom for Mac


There are many applications out there that allow you to type up some words into a story, many of them are free. What sets WriteRoom apart from the rest is the ability to help you stay focus. Writing a story isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but WriteRoom makes the workplace less distracting by giving you a blank canvas to write out your work. This doesn’t mean that WriteRoom skimps on the key features. WriteRoom utilizes the underground settings page that allows you to set when your document is automatically saved, change font, page setup, what you want shown, what you want hidden, and more. Keyboard commands, like “Command+S” for saving, also makes the workplace more useful and less cluttered. Just don’t look to it as an application for adding any multimedia. Either way, All of these features are available on the Mac App Store for $24.95.

WriteRoom for Mac

2. Ulysses for Mac


Blogging doesn’t involve only writing, it involves editing and reviewing the finished item as well. However, finding a good editing software can be difficult because many of them don’t have all of the features we may be looking for in editing software. Ulysses is the software that does a great job at helping you through the editing process. Ulysses gives you a distraction free area to write your piece. Once complete, you can use Ulysses to spell correct, word count, and easily search and mass replace incorrect words. Your text can then easily be exported to multiple formats. If you want a break from Microsoft Word, Ulysses will be the ideal $11.99 application for you.

Ulysses for Mac

3. iA Writer


An application that takes the distractions out of writing up articles and posts is important for many bloggers and writers. It allows us to focus more on the work at hand, rather than a new email that may catch our attention. iA Writer is an affordable application that allows you to put the focus back on writing. This is literally done with a mode in the application known as “Focus Mode”. This mode allows all other text to be grayed, and the sentence you are working to complete will stay in the original black. This prevents the distracted eye from straying off to other sentences. Additionally, I have found it to be a great tool in catching spelling and grammar mistakes. This is one of the few features that you can adjust in iA Writer. Other than that, there really isn’t a worry about fonts or text size. Your writing is automatically saved, allowing you to focus more on the writing at hand. iA Writer is available now for $8.99 on the Mac App Store.

iA Writer for Mac

4. Celtx for Mac


Celtx is the application for individuals looking for an affordable, actually free, writing application. Celtx, unlike many free writing applications, doesn’t skimp on the key features of a writing application. Celtx allows you to do every part of the writing process, from organizing your thoughts to finalizing the piece by editing it and publish as a file. The focus is more on screen/script writers, especially with the scenes section, however I have found it to be more than sufficient for bloggers and other writers. The application is split into three sections, the far left section is more for viewing all of your scenes and projects, the far right section focuses more on concepts, the center is left for the project you are currently working on. There is a lot going on, however it is a bit cheaper than the clutter-less iA Writer. Celtx is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Celtx for Mac

5. MindNode for Mac


A great idea starts at the concept, and MindNode allows your concept to flourish like a tree. MindNode is easy to use. You start with the root, your main, broad subject. From there, click the (+) to drag and add a new branch to the tree. This creates a more detailed extension of your beginning broad statement. You can keep adding continued extensions until you reach your concluding idea, your final project. MindNode is very simple in design and use. MindNodes can be shared and imported, perfect for collaborations and easily sharing your topic with editors. Plus, with the full screen version, you are able to focus more on the project you have at hand. While the free MindNode version doesn’t support multimedia, MindNode Pro offers many of these features for only $20 in the Mac App Store. MindNode is available for free on the Mac App Store.

MindNode for Mac

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