Who Will Win the Battle of the Streaming Services

Even just twenty years ago we wouldn’t have expected our entertainment needs to take this path. Everything is streamed whether it’s movies, TV, or music. Streaming services are becoming nearly as important as utilities in our home. So now they seem to be directly taking each other on. But who will win the battle of the streaming services?

Let’s start with music. Some people eschew downloading songs and buying CDs in favor of paying a monthly subscription price to listen to whatever they want. Spotify seemed to be the leading contender for years, but now Apple Music has entered the fray. Spotify is now launching a new feature, Release Radar, that seems aimed at the Apple Music subscribers. It makes it easier for listeners to find new music that fits their tastes. But Apple’s not taking that laying down. They are rolling out an all-new interface soon that makes it easier to find music as well.

And then there are TV and movies. There are many people that are foregoing cable and satellite and just streaming movies and their TV shows. Netflix seemed to be the place for movies and Hulu the place for TV shows, but now Netflix is offering first-run TV series, and Hulu has just announced that they won’t offer as much television content anymore in what seems like it’s placing itself in battle with Netflix. However, Apple has announced that they will begin producing first-run television shows as well, and let’s not leave Amazon Prime out of this battle.

What’s going to happen in all this competition? Will there be any winners or will this just promote more battles between the opposing services? Is this beneficial to the viewing/listening audience? Or is this something that doesn’t help viewers and listeners at all and only serves to make these big tech companies bigger?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. I think you are leaving out one very important factor here. Until the ISP stops with their data caps the only ones that are going to win the streaming wars are the ones that want to play ball and pay the ISP what they want to remove the data caps. We used to have this conversation but somewhere along the line we once again lost our grip of reality. The problem never went away, so why did we stop fighting for no data caps? Until we stop this illegal behavior there is no reason to contemplate what streaming service is better than the other!

  2. Ironic that you’re doing the article on streaming services.I’m in the process of trying to get mine working the way I want it to I have vision problems but I’ve to get firefox to work well for me. Unfortunately the shomi{a Canadian knock off of netflix}refuses to run on firefox 47or48 without chopping up the audio and making the video slightly jerky. I can run it in chrome perfectly but chrome is much more vissualy difficult for me to work in..I have already had to reinstall firefox once without being able to solve the problem so the version makes no difference.My plug ins are all up to date and I’ve tried using the buffering button they provide. The only thing that got me was an error code VPM-062{this ones so new I couldn’t find in either google or a technopedia dictionary} I’m currently researching about:config{a colllege course if you ask me}.I wondering if anyone could suggest where to look and what to look for.

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