5 Free Basketball Games for Android

5 Free Basketball Games for Android

Swoosh! There is nothing like the sweet sound of getting nothing but net when you shoot a basketball – the thrill of completely avoiding the rim and watching how the net curves up at the end. If you are a basketball fan like me, you just can’t wait to get to the nearest court and play, but that is not always possible. The good news is that you can count on these free basketball games you can play on your Android devices.

1. All-Star Basketball


With All-Star Basketball you won’t feel the pressure of having to defend your shots since this game offers you relaxed shooting practice. You can practice your three-pointers, your free throws, and regular two-pointers. Don’t take too long when shooting since these practice sessions are timed. You can change your view of the rim with the camera icon located at the bottom left-hand corner.

You can practice shooting with a moving hoop and gear up with accessories such as glasses, headbands, and even change uniforms. You can practice your shooting in different courts whether they are professional or your regular court at the park.

All-Star Basketball can be played offline and you can challenge other players online. You can choose between various game modes such as Focus Shot, Quick Shot, Moving Shot, Moving Hoop, and 3-Point Challenge.

2. Real Basketball


Real Basketball offers you different game modes such as Tournament, Arcade, Time Attack and Single Ball. It also offers two others such as All-Star and Block, but you have to buy those.

You can either choose to play alone or with others. You can decide to either play at a professional court, local gym type of court or on a cement floor court. The game lets you decide if you want to play during the day or at night, and you can even change your players’ appearance and uniform (choose between forty jerseys). You can play Real Basketball offline as well, something your data plan will appreciate.

3. Stickman Basketball


If you are looking for a basketball game for Android where you see some B-Ball action, then you might like Stickman Basketball. Just like the name states, your team is composed of tiny stick people that can perform dunks one can only dream about.

Playing is very easy since the app tells you what you need to press to play. In this game you will need to complete Cups, Seasons, and Knockout, but you will have thirty-one teams to choose from in order to complete those games.

You can also choose from automatic or manual running, compete with your friend with the added world ranking leaderboard and there is also a bonus Street Basketball mode you can play. The Android basketball game includes MOGA game controller support and Math statistics, and you will love the feature that allows you to watch, replay and share you best dunks with your friends.

4. Basketball Shoot


Basketball Shoot is a very easy-to-play shooting game. You just need to follow three easy steps: 1. Touch the screen, 2. Drag the dotted line to the right shooting angle, and 3. Release the shot. You can also choose from eleven backgrounds such as Beach, Airport, Rooftop.

In the beginning you will only have one ball style to choose from, but as you complete missions, more styles will be unlocked. It is a great game for players of all ages.

5. Pocket Basketball


Pocket Basketball is another fun and entertaining shooting game. It is a digital replica of the shooting game you may have played in the arcade (remember those?). To play, all you have to do is touch the ball and fling it towards the basket. Try to always to fling the balls that are in the center since those are more likely to go than the others.

There are five court styles to choose from and different difficulty levels to choose from: easy, medium and difficult. For example, in level one the hoop stays in place for easy shooting, but in level two you have to see when it’s a good time to shoot since the hoop moves up and down. This game can also be played offline.


These are the games that I found fun and entertaining. They are a great way to kill some time waiting at the doctor’s office or waiting for the bus to come. If you liked the list, please don’t forget to give it a share and let me know which one you liked the best in the comments.

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