How to Backup Registry in Windows 7

We know that it is important to backup all our data in the computer, but do you know that it is important to backup your Windows registry as well? The registry is the database that contains all the configuration options and settings for the Windows OS. When a virus struck, this is often the first place that it infects. So it is good to have a copy of backup. In addition, if you are hacking into the registry to make some changes, you will want to have a backup on hand, just in case something went wrong and you can restore it back to the original setting.

Before we proceed on to do a backup of your registry, I would advise you to run a registry cleaner program to clean up your registry. This is to ensure that all the useless registry entries left by third party software are removed and you have a lean mean backup.

Backing up your registry

Once you have cleaned up your registry, follow the steps below to backup your registry.

  • Press Windows key + R
  • Type regedit


  • The registry window will appear. At the top of the list, select “Computer”. Go to File->Export.


  • Choose a location to save your reg file.


That’s it. You have just backup your registry. Remember to keep this backup reg file in safe place.

Restoring your registry

In the event that something happened and you want to restore your registry, simply double-click on the backup reg file or go to File->Import in the registry window.

Note: The above steps will work for Windows XP and Vista as well.

Damien Damien

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  1. I have a new page in the PDQ library describing how to create a batch program to run AUTOBACK (ERUNT) in Win7. Comments welcome! In Vista I gave up and turned UAC off but I decided to get this working properly in Win7.

    Registry backups using ERUNT

  2. The author of ERUNT (Lars Hederer)told me yesterday there is a problem (Jan/1010) with ERUNT and NTREGOPT in Win7. The COMPONENT files are not being backed up and he doesn’t recommend it be used at all until it’s fixed and unless you are a reg. guru and can work around it. A fix may be quite a while unless a LOT of people send in a donations with pleading messages!

  3. You should have specifed that you need to select Computer before doing the export or select Export range ALL. Newbies won’t notice this in your print screens :-). Without this they will only backup one reg key (last selected).

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