How to Backup App Data in Windows 8

Windows 8 does not give the users a way to backup the data utilized within its apps. Instead, you have to rely on complicated steps to manually backup the app data. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup is a simple program that does not need to be installed. Simply download it, start it up and you can begin backing up and restoring apps in Windows 8 in minutes.

Why do you need to backup your app data?

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to backup app data in Windows 8. If you uninstall an app, if an app becomes corrupt or even if you need to restore Windows 8, you will lose the data utilized in apps in the process. By backing them up in Windows 8 Apps Data Backup, you can quickly restore your apps to the way you are used to taking advantage of them every day.

How to backup app data in Windows 8

1. Download the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program.

2. Double-click the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program.

Close all your Windows 8 apps

A pop-up will tell you not to leave Windows 8 apps open or else you will not be able to backup the information from them.

3. Click on “Backup.”

Using Windows 8 Apps Data Backup

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will populate with all your active apps. You can then pick and choose what you want to backup by clicking the checkbox next to each app. Keep in mind that not all the apps loaded are ones you actually have access to in Windows 8. Some of them run in the background to keep other apps and processes working properly. For the best results, click “Select All.”

4. At the bottom, click “Backup Now” to start the app backup process.

By default, the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program backs up app data as ZIP archives. This allows a large amount of data to be compressed to save space. This is especially useful if you are saving the backup on a removable drive or in the cloud. Click “Yes” to continue.

Is your apps backup a ZIP file?

You will want to select a place to save the Windows 8 apps backup archive. This can be saved anywhere on your computer or a removable drive. In order to save it to the cloud, you will have to manually upload the archive or save it in your computer’s cloud directory.

Save your Windows 8 apps data backup

Depending on how many apps you are backing up, this can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes. When finished, a pop-up will appear to let you know your backup is completed.

Restoration of backup data

At any time you want to restore an apps backup, simply click “Restore” at the top of the main screen.

Restoring a ZIP backup

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup will ask if the backup is a ZIP file. Click “Yes,” then navigate to the backup.

Choosing which Windows 8 apps to restore

As long as the app is installed in Windows 8 at the time of restore, you will be able to select it to restore the data from your backup. Select the apps you want to restore, and then click “Restore Now.”

Confirming Windows 8 app data restore

You will be asked to confirm that you want to restore the app data. This will overwrite existing data for the app.

Restore complete

The restore process will take a bit longer than the backup job, so let the Windows 8 Apps Data Backup program do its job. A popup will appear the restoration is completed.

What other ways do you use to backup your app data?

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