5 Back-to-School Android Apps Every Well-Organized College Freshman Needs

4 Back To School Android Apps

If you’re a teen preparing for college, you’re probably nervous, excited, and a little overwhelmed. Getting a grip on your academic life can be especially stressful. Fortunately, the right back-to-school Android apps can make this transition completely painless and even fun!

1. Merriam-Webster


Merriam-Webster should be a familiar vocabulary-building tool. The dictionary feature tells you the definition of any word you want to know, while the thesaurus provides useful synonyms. Unsure of how to spell a word? The Merriam-Webster app has a “speak” option that allows you to look up words with your voice.

This useful tool is a must-have back-to-school Android app because no college professor wants to read the same twenty words throughout your college essays. Build up your vocabulary, and you’ll be an outstanding academic writer in no time.

2. Cram


You might find that you don’t have time to create index cards or jot down notes. Why not use a simple flashcard app? Cram allows you to create custom flashcards to test yourself repeatedly on virtually any subject.

There’s even a “cram mode” that tests how well you’ve memorized topics and definitions based on how many times you answer correctly or incorrectly! Whether you want to prep for a major exam or test your Pokemon Go knowledge, Cram is a handy memorization tool you’ll want to have available.

3. GNote


GNotes is ideal you if you’re a forgetful student whose short-term memory is practically non-existent.

Use GNotes to take notes, record audio, or snap pictures – anything you”ll want to know later and/or remember with relative ease. You can also link GNotes to your Gmail account, giving you the option to receive a reminder at a future date and time.

4. RefME


RefME is a highly worthwhile app, making essay and term paper citations a breeze. It doesn’t matter what citation style your instructor prefers, with 7,500 options to choose from, there’s a good chance RefME has you covered. Just select the relevant style and then neatly compile your sources.

Type in URLs, search for the title or author through the search engine or use your smartphone camera to capture the ISBN code on the back of a book you read. Once you’ve crafted your list of citations, you can easily export it to your reference page.

5. School Assistant


Calling this Android app “School Assistant” doesn’t allow one to truly grasp just how amazing it is. If you use it correctly, School Assistant will just about force you to be an amazing, well-disciplined college student.

The app allows you to keep track of your grades, let’s you know when assignments are due and even has a mute feature so that no one can bother you while you’re in class. Practically every aspect of your academic life can be tracked with School Assistant, right down to your college professor being an email or phone call away.


With these back to school Android apps, you’ll come out ahead of your flustered peers. Proper organization will mean less stress down the road – and more free time to put on those “freshman fifteen” pounds.

What back-to-school Android apps would you recommend? Do you have any favorites? Please share in the comment section below!

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Toni Matthews-El
Toni Matthews-El

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