Awesome Technologies and Gadgets to Make Your Tech Life Easier in 2015 and Beyond


There’s so much in store for tech enthusiasts and geeks this year with all these new toys for big boys and girls – wearables, smart devices, mobile technology, Internet things and everything in-between – it’s difficult not to gloat over them on screen. While some aren’t available for purchase yet, the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 revealed them last week in addition to the R&Ds and prototypes released last year from various companies and organisations.

Daily Mail even called this year as the “pottiest year for gadgets ever.” I couldn’t agree more. Here’s why.

Sony Steel Edition SmartWatch 3


Watch out, Apple. Sony is also taking a stab at wearable devices with this matte-finished steel edition SmartWatch 3. Aesthetically, there’s a twist of classic elegance and a dab of casual feel on this watch. It’s powered by a Qualcomm chipset in standard 24mm watch strap for wee hours of fitness activities and split-times.

Apple Watch


For Apple fanboys and girls, their penchant for iDevices would perhaps intensify, but it will come later in spring 2015 if you believe the rumor mills. However, Apple says it’ll come early this year. The sapphire-coated watch, with customisable straps that blend with the iOS ecosystem, does offer the user a myriad of things to do in that puny touch screen wearable. Sony vs. Apple? What’s your bet?

Oculus VR virtual reality headset and Beyerdynamic GmbH headphones


Here’s an awesome shot by Bloomberg – a CES 2015 guest wearing the headset and headphones testing out the Arkamys Co. sound technology. Our 3D experience progresses in ludicrous designs and rich audio content.

Smartphone app that helps diagnose sleeping disorders


Health apps? Diagnose sleeping orders? There’s an app for that! Enough of lab tests and wires, a team of researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University are working on a project that will allow your smartphone to listen to and monitor your breathing while you sleep without wearables. The project was featured in MIT Technology Review and the smartphone app will be developed this year.

Baidu’s DuBike


China’s search engine giant Baidu is exploring on smart devices like DuBike. This smart bicycle features sensors that are capable of collecting fitness and health data – heart rate, pedal pressure, seat pressure – using a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. With Baidu Maps integrated into the display on the bars, navigation on routes will be easier for the rider. Unfortunately, this may only be available in China online due to limited mapping data.

Control smart devices with Fin


We’ve grown lazy using the remote control when flipping between channels. With Fin – a bluetooth-enabled device that comes with a gesture interface that allows you to control smart devices like TV – it’ll be much slicker. Fin has three built-in sensors for the beam signals to work with a 100 metre range between the hand and the smart device. It’s not yet available in the market (but RHLvision offers pre-order), though a prototype has been produced.

Google’s Project Ara


Google’s Project Ara will reinvent the way we build, buy, and use smartphones in the future. It’s not a phone for now, but rather a project being worked on using DARPA philosophy. The components of the phone are made up of magnetic modules that are networked to communicate with each other to function seamlessly like, well … a smartphone.

*IDEO’s concept of Work on Wheels


Now this has got to materialise soon! IDEO, one of the world’s global design agencies, rolled out their concept of “WOW” or Work on Wheels. Instead of employees commuting to work, these driverless pods do the opposite – workspaces commute to employees instead and can be parked per convenience. Just imagine an engineer calling his pod to go to the construction site to bring the paper work! Talk about bringing the world of Jetsons into reality. Each pod is available by booking service.

And a myriad of other smart devices and technologies

We could go on with these new technologies and gadgets that’ll enrich our lives this year and beyond. What’s your favorite? Any other awesome technologies or gadgets in mind? Drop them in the comments below.

Maria Krisette Capati Maria Krisette Capati

Krisette is a technology writer who loves to cover disruptive technologies, trends, and a myriad of rumors and news updates. To satiate the inconsolable longing to feed her gadget addiction, she simply writes and tinker her gadgets for reviews. You may follow her blurbs, too! @krisettecapati


  1. My first question is “Just because we can, should we?” Especially with devices that collect our personal and health data. Who else could gain access to that data and for what purpose? The manufacturers of these devices extoll how their wonderful features will make our lives easier and/or more convenient. One aspect they conspicuously forget to mention is the security of their devices. How will the WiFi connection be secured so that only the enities that are supposed to receive the data are the ones actually receiving it? How will these devices be secured against being hacked?

    And please don’t say that the advantages of these devices outweight the disadvantages. All the advantages of online banking are overcome by the disadvanatge of your account being hacked and emptied out and you identity being stolen.

  2. OMG I don’t know if that FIN is worth it if you end up having your fingers mangled like that!

    1. I agree with Dark P. What happened to her pinky finger? Gross. I hope that is not the guide or channel change gesture!

      1. Sam, whoa, I think that pinky actually may be gesturing a channel change …… to the sci-fi channel.

  3. That is the first thing I thought while reading through this article…..HOLY F*CK!! What happened to that pinky finger?!?!? I don’t want a “Fin” if it is gonna make my fingers all deformed and junk! LOL, I can see my TV showing up an error stating “Sorry, you must first break your pinky finger in order to turn the channel.”

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