9 Awesome Conky Themes

9 Awesome Conky Themes

Conky users: Looking to spice up your config with something a little more stylish? We’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the coolest, best-looking setups around! Check these themes out!

Note: the instructions to install each one of these Conky themes are located on the page you downloaded them from.

Conky Colors theme
Conky Colors is an oldie but a goodie. This setup is really hard to describe, other than the fact that it just looks incredibly awesome. The theme is about four years old, but the styling remains incredibly refreshing. If you want your Conky setup to be refreshing, consider giving this one a go.

Harmattan Conky theme

Harmattan: A twenty-two-theme pack of Conky goodness with four form factors to choose from. There’s not one distinct design style, but many – lots of different styles. The Google Now-esque card style, a Windows 8 Metro style, an unofficial Numix theme and a whole lot more! If you’ve ever had trouble finding a Conky theme that suited you, Harmattan might have just what you want.

Vision Conky theme

Vision. A setup for fans of minimalism. This theme proves that a lack of information can be just as good. It doesn’t tell you your CPU speed, your download/upload, or anything like that. Just the date, the time and the weather. Fans of simplicity are sure to love this Conky theme.

Spectro Conky theme

Spectro is a Conky theme heavily inspired by the July Flat Ish Rainmeter theme. This particular theme is just a weather widget, but it’s still awesome! What’s even better is that Spectro has a few different styles, so if you’re not a fan of the default, you can always change it up. If you’re looking for a neat weather-like Conky setup, check this one out.

Google Now Conky theme

I’ll be honest; I’m fairly biased. I absolutely love the style that Google has been using in their applications as of late. That’s why I think this Google Now theme is so great. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to having an actual Google Now application right on my Linux desktop. If you’re also interested in turning Conky into Google Now, look no further than this theme!

Helix Conky theme

Helix certainly isn’t the only minimalist theme on this list, but I think it belongs on this list. Why? What if all you want out of your Conky is to tell you the day and the time in a stylish, simple way? If so, Helix might be the theme you’ve been looking for.

eOS Conky theme

eOS is the perfect Conky setup for Elementary OS users. It’s styled to look exactly how you’d except an official Elementary OS skin to look. Color, fonts, everything. If you’ve found yourself comfy on Elementary OS, and you’re trying to find a Conky theme to match, download and install eOS.

Jelly Conky theme

I’ve always said that Android is beautiful. The creator of this theme seems to agree with me. Everything in Jelly looks really nice, clean and simple. If your idea of a Conky setup involves Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you may want to give this theme a shot.

Cloud Conky theme

Have you ever wanted to have the date, time and everything in between told to you in the form of a Cloud? Well, look no further. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Conky theme quite like this one. It’s unique, and frankly, incredibly good-looking. If you’ve gone through all the themes in this list and still find yourself looking for something different, give Cloud a try.

Conky is a simple tool, but it’s an awesome one. Sure, in the end it’s just a way to print useful information on your desktop, but there’s more to it. With the help of this small application, you can make the Linux desktop truly your own.

What is your favorite Conky setup? Tell us in the comments!


    • Conky is basically a desktop widget/system monitor. There are many diferent themes, and the config file (.conkyrc) can be edited. It displays system information on your desktop. Conky can be found in your distro’s repos.

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