Automatically Save Your Screenshots to Dropbox [Mac]

One of my favorite features of Mac OS is the ability to take quick screen grabs without any additional software. As most of you probably already know, you can press “Shift + Command + 3” to take a screenshot of your entire screen, or press “Shift + Command + 4” to select a specific area of the screen.

However, Mac OS automatically saves those screenshots to your desktop and automatically appends a file name – “Screen Shot [date] at [time].png“. GrabBox is a handy app that will automatically save your screenshots to your Dropbox Public folder. Once the screenshot is saved, the URL will be automatically copied to your clipboard for sharing.


1. Download GrabBox, unzip the folder, and drag the .app file to your Applications folder.

2. When you first start GrabBox, you’ll be taken through an initial setup process. You’ll need to go to your Dropbox Public folder, select a file, and copy the public link. You can also choose to automatically start GrabBox at login.

GrabBox Initial Setup

3. Once you click “OK,” that window will close. Next you’ll want to click on the menubar icon and go to “Preferences.” This is where you customize GrabBox further.

Rename your native Mac screenshots with GrabBox.

Things you can customize include:

  • Choose to display GrabBox in the menubar or the dock.
  • Enable a prompt before uploading so that you can add a custom name if you’d like.
  • Enable random filenames, instead of the default.
  • Enable short URLs and choose between or

4. To view your screenshots, click on the GrabBox menubar icon and select “Browse Uploads.” Your Screenshots folder will open.

That’s it. As simple as that.

GrabBox is a great tool for anyone who takes a lot of native screenshots on their Mac, and want to keep the desktop clean. If you have tried it, let us know what you think.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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