Automatically Restart Firefox When It Uses More Memory

I have already written about how to boost performance of Firefox. I’m always on a hunt for performance utilities which make my life easier by automating some processes which need to be done on time. Today I’ve found another Firefox extension which can make Firefox perform better. This extension is especially for those who like to keep their browsers open for extended period of time. I also like mine to be open all the time.

Since Firefox is a memory hog, it will keep on using more memory and computing resources as time passes by. There have been some improvements in this aspect but it is still a major problem for Firefox users. Memory Restart is a Firefox extension which comes to rescue in this situation. Memory Restart gives a real time analysis of Firefox memory usage and helps to restart Firefox when it starts using excessive amount of RAM.

Memory Restart will reside on the toolbar just after the awesome bar (Address bar). It will keep showing a green icon when Firefox is using normal amount of memory. It will also show the actual memory usage in the add-ons bar in the bottom right corner of Firefox window.The green icon will turn red in case Firefox starts using more memory. Memory threshold can also be set in Memory Restart. The default maximum memory usage for Firefox is 500MB but you can tailor the value according to your needs.


To change the default threshold value, go to Firefox menu –> Add-ons

Under Extensions, go to Memory Restart and select Options.


You can change the Firefox memory threshold. If Firefox uses memory above this limit, it will inform you by changing the text color to Red. You can change the Red color option to some other color too. You can also specify to automatically restart Firefox without informing you.

Download Memory Restart from Firefox Addons directory.

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