1. Doesn’t using auto login defeat the security aspect of a login???

    You may be the only one using the system but, if the computer is connected to the Internet, it can be hacked by any one of millions of hackers. Or is OS/X such an obscure operating system that nobody will bother hacking it? Is the convenience of saving couple of seconds needed to type in a password worth having the computer hacked and possibly turned into a “zombie”?

    1. I don’t see how autologin vs. manual login affects internet originated crack attempts.

      Autologin for the console is mainly security for console access from casual
      people who have physical access to the machine, like family members and friends
      who might casually try to use your machine when you walk away for a few minutes.
      If you’re not concerned about physical access, then autologin is probably fine.

      Internet crackers won’t be thwarted by your window manager’s login screen;
      they’ll be trying to come in by other means, such as throwing dictionaries at
      remote login servers like ssh (which have nothing to do with autologin),
      web browser related attacks via java/flash/etc invoked by clickbaiting,
      dns poisoning, etc, or feeling up your machine’s network ports for inbound
      obscure network services that may have buffer overrun issues, open sharing
      for file serving, or try to merge into established network connections by hijacking
      connections in progress, and attempting to invoke their own code.

  2. Since I installed yosemite- it has asked for a password when I turn on my mac.
    But my automatic log in area in system preferences is grey- set to off- & I can’t select another option. I have no idea why.. Can anyone help?

  3. I’m having the same issue after Deploying the image. Haven’t found a permanent fix, but found that if I restart in safe mode it is no longer greyed-out

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