Automate Your Browser Tasks With iMacros

iMacros is a nifty Firefox extension that allows you to save loads of time by letting you record repetitive tasks such as filling out forms, email, and more without the need of any sort of special skills!

End the terrible thought of having to manually conduct every task that requires your attention on the web and “employ” the use of a more effective, time saving, accurate app.

How it works:

As soon as you’re able to get the hang of it, you can easily do more than just repeat a group of specified steps. You’ll be able to start scripting some very complex tasks in Firefox that will allow you to save immense amounts of time and sky rocket your productivity. This works by iMacros placing a library like function bar that goes in the left side of your screen.


Now you just have to click the “Record” button on the “Rec” tab of the iMacros sidebar, start doing some tasks you’d like to record in Firefox, click “Stop”, and now you’ve instantly just made a macro.


To tell iMacros to replay the task all you have to do is find your macro in the list, hit the play tab and click “Play” to do the task in the macro.


Once you’ve created a macro in Firefox, you can go directly to the “Edit” tab in the iMacros sidebar, select your recorded steps from the list and choose the “Edit Macro” option to view and edit its corresponding code. It’s fairly easy and simple to pick up on the basics of the scripting language iMacros uses just by recording a macro and effectively viewing its source code.



This is an incredible Firefox extension that will allow you to save ample amounts of time with the click of a button. Leave all of those repetitive and annoyingly tedious tasks in the past and look forward to a more productive future with the use of iMacros.

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Joel Reyes

Joel Reyes-Has been writing and developing web sites for several years now, this has lead him to be the creative mind behind Looney Designer a design resource and portfolio site that revolves around web design and development.

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