How to Autofill Passwords in Google Chrome

Gone are the days where you needed an external password manager to store all the passwords you use for your various online accounts. For a couple of years now, Google Chrome has had a perfectly good password management feature, including the options to generate, autofill and store your passwords.

It’s not too complicated to manage either. This tutorial will show you how to autofill passwords in Chrome.

First, make sure that Chrome is offering to save your passwords when you type them in.

In Chrome, click the three-dotted menu icon at the top right -> Settings -> Passwords, then make sure the “Offer to save passwords” slider is blue.

How To Autofill Passwords Google Chrome Offer To Save Passwords

From now on, each time you sign into a website, Chrome will ask whether you want to save that password for autofilling in the future. Reply “Yes,” and your password will be stored on Google.

Assuming you have Auto Sign-in enabled (this is done back in the Chrome password settings), you won’t need to type your password each time, but if you’re changing sign-in info, then the autofill options for your account will appear in a box under the login boxes.

How To Autofill Passwords Google Chrome Ebay

If you made a mistake with your password entry or want to change and manage your stored passwords. you can go back to “Settings -> Passwords” and find the relevant site in the “Saved Passwords” list.

You can remove the existing password here by clicking the three-dotted icon next to it and clicking Remove.

How To Autofill Passwords Google Chrome Saved Passwords

You’ll then need to re-enter the password when you log into the site again, at which point you’ll get the option to save it again.

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