Auto-Unlock Keyring Manager In Ubuntu Intrepid


If you have set your Ubuntu machine to auto-login everytime you start your computer, you will find that as soon as you reach your desktop, the keyring manager will automatically pop up and ask you for the password to unlock itself and retrieve the key to connect to the wireless connection.

The keyring manager is integrated with Gnome such that when you login from the main screen, it will automatically unlock itself as well. However, if you use the auto-login function, Gnome will skip the keyring manager process and log the user in without unlocking the keyring manger.

To get rid of this annoyance, what you can do is to set a blank password for the keyring manager so that it won’t prompt you  for password everytime you login.

Do bear in mind that setting a blank password for your keyring manager will expose all your passwords to anyone that use your computer.

Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Password and Encryption Keys


Go to Edit-> Preferences

Highlight the login – Automatically unlocked when user logs in entry. Press the Change Unlock Password button.


Enter your old password and leave blank for the new password. Click Change.


It will prompt you for security issue. Click Use Unsafe Storage to continue.


Done. Next time when you login, the keyring manager won’t prompt you for password again.


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