How to Make Mouse Clicks Effortless With an Auto Clicker

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Sometimes, even a task as simple as clicking can become monotonous. Luckily, you can use software known as auto clickers to automate the clicking process and achieve the same results with minimal error in a very short time. Let's go over a few auto-clicking programs that can help you in your day-to-day tasks and see how to set them up.

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What Is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is a program that allows you to configure and automate the click of a mouse on your computer screen. An auto clicker not only follows your cursor, but often has support for double and triple-clicking, hotkeys that work even in the background, automatic settings saves, and more.

You can use an auto clicker to click faster than physically possible and to trigger repetitive inputs. Complex auto clickers even allow you to automate most or all of your mouse functions, including a full set of complex keyboard inputs.

Why You Might Need An Auto Clicker

  • Software testing: software developers can use complex auto clickers and program them to mimic the behavior of an average user to test their software.
  • Data entry: auto clickers can not only make this job easier, but also save a lot of time and reduce the margins of error. However, such complex automation may require some external Python code to bring every piece of the script together.
  • Gaming: some games like Minecraft and Roblox require constant clicking to perform certain tasks like building or attacking. You can use auto clickers to accelerate the click speed or perform certain functions, such as shooting or jumping, automatically. However, most modern competitive games are able to detect auto clickers, and you could get banned if you use them as leverage over your opponents as that's patently unfair.
  • Idle time: another interesting use case of an auto clicker can be to keep the screen on for extended durations. You can set an auto clicker to provide an input X times a minute for any amount of time.
  • Dating websites, online surveys, and polls: Auto clickers can also be customized to perform a swipe on mobile devices. This feature is useful on dating apps and websites where you have to swipe horizontally to accept or reject a match. You can also set up auto clickers to answer online polls and fill out surveys in a short amount of time.

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Best Auto Clicker Apps

Most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS, have an auto-clicking or "dwell click" feature as part of their accessibility settings. However, these inbuilt options are not as advanced as third-party auto clicker apps. Here are a few top picks from the latter category.

OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is open source, feature rich, and easy to use. It includes the ability to select from single, double, and triple-clicking, and the hotkeys work in the background as well. Moreover, OP Auto Clicker is portable software and does not require installation to run. Simply download the executable file for it and launch the software immediately. It is available on both Windows and Android.

Download The Op Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a small-sized and simple tool to automate your clicks on Windows. It can be especially helpful if you want to carry out complex data entry tasks.

Gs Auto Clicker

With GS Auto Clicker, you can map a hotkey to click your mouse anywhere on the screen. After that, you simply have to press the hotkey to trigger the input stream. The app also has a "record" function that can record a specific location you want to click. Additionally, it is free-to-use software and doesn't feature any distracting ads or subscription requests.

Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker is a popular piece of software as it provides its services for both Windows and macOS for free. You can use it for gaming, running apps, online voting, and more as it allows multi-clicking.

Free Auto Clicker

Moreover, you can record all your input along with the X and Y coordinates of the relevant location, allowing you to make precise clicks. The app also allows you set the time interval between each input and the number of times you want to click at the desired location.

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Auto Clicker for Mac by MurGaa

macOS doesn't feature a lot of automation software that is as refined as it should be. However, MurGaa Auto Clicker is an exception. It's an excellent program designed specifically to work on macOS. By default, the hotkey is tied to the middle mouse button, but it can be assigned to any key you want. There's no limit on the maximum number of clicks you can set.

Murgaa Auto Clicker

Unfortunately, MurGaa Auto Clicker is not free, but it does offer a free trial period of a month. After that, you have to pay $6.54 for six months of usage on a single device.

Auto Clicker by NVQ Std

Among other popular Android applications, like Call Recorder, NVQ Std also has Auto Clicker on Google Play Store. The app has over one million downloads and impressive user ratings, making it one of the best on the platform. Unfortunately, it is not entirely free as you'll have to pay a small fee to get rid of all the ads. 

Auto Clicker Nvq Std

The application offers a lot of options to choose from, such as single tap and multi-tap. It also allows some smartphone-friendly features like automatic swiping and scrolling. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and any Android version starting with 7.0.

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How to Set Up an Auto Clicker

Let's take a look at how you can set up an auto clicker on different operating systems. For the purpose of this guide, we will use:

  • OP Auto Clicker on Windows
  • MurGaa Auto Clicker on macOS
  • NVQ std Auto Clicker on Android

On Windows

  1. Download OP Auto Clicker from the official website. 
  1. Check your Downloads folder for the OP Auto Clicker application and launch it. You will be greeted by the app's home screen.
Op Auto Clicker Home Screen
  1. Here, select the input command under "Click options." Also, select how many times you want the input to repeat under "Click repeat" and the time gap between each input under "Click interval." You can also change the hotkey settings or record the input by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the interface.
Set Up Op Auto Clicker
  1. Once you've configured all the settings, go ahead and press the Start button or press the F6 key to continue.
Start Op Auto Clicker
  1. Select the area to click on and start the automation.

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On macOS

  1. Download MurGaa Auto Clicker (direct download link) on your device. The file will show up in your Downloads folder as 
Downladed Sip File Murgaa Autoclicker
  1. Extract all the contents of the downloaded file to get the MurGaa Auto Clicker app.
Extract Murgaa Autoclicker Zip File
  1. Launch the app and click Open to continue.
Accept Warning Andclick On Open
  1. An End User License Agreement (EULA) pop-up will appear. Click on Accept to continue.
Accept Terms And Conditions Murgaa Autoclicker
  1. Next, the MurGaa auto clicker will ask for permission to receive keystrokes from all applications. Click on "Open System Preferences" to grant permission.
Open System Preferences To Give Autoclicker Permissions
  1. Click on the lock icon in the settings panel that appears.
Click On The Lock To Edit Permissions
  1. Click "Use Password" and enter your password, or use Touch ID, to continue.
Use Passcode Or Touch Id To Unlock Permissions

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  1. Once you've entered your password, grant the required permission to MurGaa Auto Clicker by selecting its checkbox on the right.
Toggle On The Check Box To Give Permissions
  1. The auto clicker app will now be able to register keystrokes from all other applications. Click on "Quit & Reopen" to relaunch the app.
Restart Murgaa Autoclicker
  1. On the home screen of the app, click on the "Click to record shortcut" option. Doing this will allow you to activate the auto clicker with a keyboard shortcut.
Set A Shortcut Key To Record Click
  1. Select your custom shortcut. In our case, we assigned Shift + A as the hotkey. You can also use the drop-down menu to select from a bunch of different action items for the auto clicker and program the click type as listed below the keyboard shortcut.
Select Click Type
  1. Set the maximum number of clicks. Look for the relevant option at the top right on the home screen.
Select The Number Of Clicks
  1. Now, pick the duration of delay between each auto click. We've set it as 150 milliseconds.
Set Delay Between Each Click

MurGaa Auto Clicker also has another auto click function that can run simultaneously with the first clicker. Using this, you can program MurGaa to perform complex actions like scrolling and clicking a webpage.

Second Clicker Murgaa Autoclicker
  1. Now, it's time to select the location for the automatic clicks. Press the "+" icon located below the click type drop-down menu for Clicker 1.
Select Location To Autoclick

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  1. Select the area for the auto clicker to operate on — click and drag the mouse to highlight the desired rectangular area. We have used the calculator app as an example.
Mark Up The Location To Click
  1. Now, whenever you press the shortcut key you've selected, the auto clicker will start randomly clicking on the region you highlighted earlier. However, you can program the auto clicker to click on a specific coordinate or a set of locations as well.
Murgaa Autoclicker Working

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On Android

  1. Download NVQ Std Auto Clicker from Google Play Store.
Download Auto Clicker From Google Playstore
  1. Once installed, open the application.
Open Auto Clicker
  1. You'll need to enable accessibility services for the app to work on your device. To do that, click on Enable when prompted. It will lead you to the Accessibility settings menu.
Enable Accessibility Settings Android Auto Clicker
  1. Go to "Installed Services -> Auto Clicker" and click on the "Auto Clicker shortcut" slider to enable the services. Next, click on Allow. 
Toggle Services On Android Auto Clicker
  1. Go back to the auto clicker app. Now, you will be able to see the app's home screen. Here, you can adjust the click interval, swipe duration, and the number of cycles. Once you've configured all the settings, click on Start to continue.
Android Auto Clicker Start Automation
  1. Use the drag and drop elements from the sidebar widget and place pointers at the location where you want to perform automatic clicks. Once you've set up everything, click on the Play icon and enjoy your automation.
Auto Clicker Working On Android

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I click using an auto clicker?

The click speed offered by auto clickers varies from app to app, but you can expect them to provide at least over 50000 inputs in a second. Typically, you can change this number by fiddling with the settings.

Can auto clickers be malicious?

Yes. At times. The ability to generate thousands of inputs in mere seconds is a big deal, given that we spend a majority of our time clicking on things online. This is why auto clickers are often associated with online click frauds, as you'll never know whether it's a real person or a bot behind clicks.

For example, people can program auto clickers to click on ads to generate revenue. Auto clickers can also be used to boost social media engagement and inflate the number of likes on a post.

Can I use an auto clicker on an iPhone?

There are auto clicker apps available on iPhone that you can download from the App Store itself, but these auto clickers are not permitted to run in the background or to perform clicks on other apps. Instead, they have their own internet browser and you can access websites and set up auto clicks from there, which makes it very restrictive.

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